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Quad Cities USA - Guide to Davenport & Bettendorf Iowa and Rock Island & Moline Illinois


QC SCENE takes a pictorial journey through the local entertainment scene with images from events going on in and around the Quad-Cities.
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  • Peaceful Protests To Raise Awareness Fill Davenport’s VanderVeer Park
  • A behind-the-scenes peek at ‘Haunt’
  • Young Artists Rock Figge Through May!
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Tess Abney was born and raised in the Quad Cities. Her passion for writing and entertainment was apparent at a very young age. Whether it is sharing local events and businesses with readers or sharing her thoughts on life, she finds comfort in the way words can bring people together.
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  • Ordering Dinner? Put QuadCities.com’s Local Restaurant Roundup On Your Menu!
  • 10 Fun Things To Do Week of November 8th: Heroes, Veterans, Holiday Shopping and MORE!
  • Fish Swap Swims Into Quad Cities
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Tim Brennan Movie Critic
Tim has been alarmingly enthusiastic about movies ever since childhood. He grew up in Boulder and, foolishly, left Colorado to study Communications in Washington State. Making matters worse, he moved to Connecticut after meeting his too-good-for-him wife. Drawn by the Rockies and a mild climate, he triumphantly returned and settled down back in Boulder County. He's written numerous screenplays, loves hiking, and embarrassed himself in front of Samuel L. Jackson. True story.
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  • Details, Details (Review: The Little Things)
  • Nice Guys (Review: Promising Young Woman)
  • Last Man (Review: The Midnight Sky)
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Jon Burns is a musician, band leader of the local group Centaur Noir, and a notable Quad-Cities artist whose work has been displayed at numerous galleries in the area. His Q-C Icons series celebrates various people of note who were born, raised or have ties to the Quad-Cities. The series is on display at Rock Island's DeSoto Gallery through the end of August.
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  • Quad Cities Icons: Michael Nunn from Davenport, IA – Professional Boxer
  • Quad Cities Icons: Jesse Johnson from Rock Island – Guitarist & Multi-Instrumental Songwriter
  • Quad Cities Icons: June Haver from Rock Island, IL – Early Film Actress, Singer, Dancer
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Connie (Corcoran) Wilson (www.ConnieCWilson.com) was the Quad City Times film and book critic for 15 years and has continued reviewing film uninterruptedly since 1970. She also publishes books (31 at last count) in a variety of genres (www.quadcitieslearning.com), has taught writing or literature classes at every Quad City college or university as adjunct faculty, was Yahoo's Content Producer of the Year for Politics  and writes on a variety of topics at her own blog, www.WeeklyWilson.com.
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  • New Book Asks, What If The Three Magi Were Ninja Wizards?
  • ‘Tenet’ A Beautiful, Big Scale Mind Bender
  • Teen Paranormal Graphic Novel Series, ‘Exorcising Ghosts’ Scaring Up Fans
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Steve Couch is a comedian/musician that has performed stand-up comedy in places like Dangerfield's and Catch a Rising Star in New York City and has worked as a musician throughout the US and overseas in national touring acts, including the Chubby Checker Show. He now tours the Midwest doing stand up and performing musical comedy songs about yard work, Christmas, complaining, and the general strangeness of life.
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  • Couchtoons Commercial!
  • CouchToons – Safety Public Service Announcement
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Ryan Franks has been into comics for as long as he can remember. He first started collecting back in 1993.It didn't become an obsession until 2009, but still remains one...
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  • A Stockingful of Commentary On Comics
  • How Far Is Too Far In Comics?
  • Defenders Under The Sword of Damocles
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You might know Khalil Hacker as the friendly smiling chap greeting you at the doors of Circa 21' Dinner Playhouse in Rock Island. Khalil also dabbles in videography and has filmed/edited ads for a variety of local businesses and QuadCities.com.
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  • It’s A Good Time #6: Khalil and Matt talk comic books
  • Local Business Spotlight: QC Coffee And Pancake House
  • Local Business Spotlight: Donuts and More
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Steve Holmes Publisher
Steve Holmes was born and raised in the Quad Cities, graduating from Rock Island High School and Black Hawk College. He registered the QuadCities.com in 1995 and has published a series of ever-growing websites leading to today's advanced service featuring free entertainment and lifestyle information for this great region of Illinois and Iowa.
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  • Lasting Legacy of Jenny McNeal from East Moline
  • Primer on TV Entertainment and Streaming
  • HOT DOG or HOLD THE MUSTARD? Frank Conversation About Davenport’s Plans for Portillo’s Development
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Sean Leary Director of Digital Media
Sean Leary is an author, director, artist, musician, producer and entrepreneur who has been writing professionally since debuting at age 11 in the pages of the Comics Buyers Guide. An honors graduate of the University of Southern California masters program, he has written over 50 books including the best-sellers The Arimathean, Every Number is Lucky to Someone and We Are All Characters.
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  • Trivia Night Live Rockin’ The Tangled Wood Tuesday Night
  • WQPT Hosting Variety Of Hemingway Related Activities
  • Rock Island Should Go Back To 3 a.m. Closing For Downtown
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Greg O'Neill is a Spanish teacher at Lewistown Community High School. A native of Rock Island, he currently resides between there and Lewistown. He has been onstage at Quad City Music Guild, Playcrafter's Barn Theatre, Richmond Hill Theatre, and Genesius Guild. He got his start at St. Joseph's Catholic Church when he appeared in Tales of Wonder at the age of eleven. He enjoys movies, theatre, books, baseball, and writing stories.
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  • ‘Seven Brides’ Overcomes Problematic Premise With Entertaining Show
  • Take A Dip With ‘Dixie Swim Club’
  • Music Guild’s ‘West Side Story’ A Classic
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Tristan Tapscott Theatre Columnist
Tristan Layne Tapscott has been dubbed the “Quad Cities’ P.T. Barnum” and although the person who initially said it meant it as an insult, he happily accepts the title.
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  • Is The Quad-Cities In For A New Renaissance Of Entertainment?
  • Cooking Thyme With Tristan: Turkey Taco Tortilla Soup
  • Cooking Thyme With Tristan: Crock-pot Chicken Tacos
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Jonathan Turner has been covering the Quad-Cities arts scene for 25 years, first as a reporter with the Dispatch and Rock Island Argus, and then as a reporter with the Quad City Times. Jonathan is also an accomplished actor and musician who has been seen frequently on local theater stages, including the Bucktown Revue and Black Box Theatre.
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  • Living Proof Starts New Creative Sessions, Hires Program Manager
  • First Jambrella on Feb. 26 Raised $7,000 for Quad-Cities Musicians and Bars in Need
  • “Into the Woods” Holds New Weight and Meaning for Augustana Performers
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