The Quad Cities Icons Series is a collection of paintings by local artist Jon Burns celebrating people of fame and notable achievement who were raised in, grew up around or spent significant time in the Quad-Cities. A showing of the various artworks will take place at Rock Island’s DeSoto Gallery through August.

Michael Nunn is a former professional boxer hailing from Davenport. Michael was a two time world champion boxer in both middleweight and super middleweight. In 2004 he was sentenced to 24 years in prison for drug trafficking after getting busted for buying a kilo of cocaine from an undercover agent. Nunn accused government lawyers of lying and scheming against him. The judge agreed to a higher sentencing based on testimony of past behaviors never proven in court. Paroled this year Nunn spent a total of 15 years locked up behind bars in what would have to be considered an example of racial disparity and flagrantly unfair mass incarceration of minorities in the American justice system.


Jon Burns is a musician, band leader of the local group Centaur Noir, and a notable Quad-Cities artist whose work has been displayed at numerous galleries in the area. His Q-C Icons series celebrates various people of note who were born, raised or have ties to the Quad-Cities. The series is on display at Rock Island's DeSoto Gallery through the end of August.