Wednesday - December 7, 2022
Quad Cities USA - Guide to Davenport & Bettendorf Iowa and Rock Island & Moline Illinois

Mac’s Tavern Food Is Everything You’d Want And More, Says Doc Kaalberg

December 5th, 2022
Mac's Tavern Food Is Everything You'd Want And More, Says Doc Kaalberg

Last night was inspirational. I’ve never been more impressed with a Bartender/Server/Jack of all trades. A late meeting ended our night at Macstavern Davenport in downtown Davenport. I’ve heard rumors of them having some of the best wings in the Quad Cities, so I may or may not have slipped this casually into conversation. First and foremost, this isnt your typical bar. A wide open setting lets you find a booth or a table to sit, or you can cozy up to the bar. A few families are sitting at the tables tonight so we choose the bar. Peter promptly takes are drink orders and hands us... Read More

Quad-Cities’ Stevie’s Eatz Is Good Eatin’, Doc Says

October 31st, 2022
Quad-Cities' Stevie's Eatz Is Good Eatin', Doc Says

My spotlight today is for my good friend Stephen. For three hours on a Sunday afternoon 2 years ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Stevies Eatz to chew the fat. (Pun intended). Tonight I will spend a few more hours hanging out with Stephen Dearborn, BBQ’er, Chef and most of all good friend. Stephen Dearborn, was one of those up and coming Ghost Chef’s, that took his game professional, if you will. His dream 2 years ago was a lofty one, attainable, but lofty. The tools he used to get to his level now a lot of love, dedication and imagination. The first question... Read More

Is Burger King’s Ghost Pepper Burger Worth The Heat? Doc Kaalberg Reviews The New Dish

October 25th, 2022
Is Burger King's Ghost Pepper Burger Worth The Heat? Doc Kaalberg Reviews The New Dish

The Ghost Pepper Burger. I was really really hoping this one was going to do it. Let’s dig in… Over the years Burger King has pushed the envelope, trying to ignite a new customer base with different takes on their Whoppers. The SteakHouse (Personal Favorite), The Black Bun( Only in Japan), The Angry Whopper, The Western BBQ, and of course the Impossible. This year for the Halloween season we were haunted with the Ghost Whopper.The limited-time burger features a classic flame-grilled beef patty topped with spicy queso, bacon, jalapeños, and ghost pepper cheese on a seasonally... Read More

Illinois’ Best Italian Restaurant? Doc Takes A Bite Into Mio Russo Sicilian Bar And Table

October 5th, 2022
Illinois' Best Italian Restaurant? Doc Takes A Bite Into Mio Russo Sicilian Bar And Table

It’s October 16th, 1972. I am a few years from conception. Although my favorite band CCR just broke up. We won’t get into that history, but little did the rocking world know something magical was brewing up. Two guys named Kurt and Krist come up with the incredible idea to start a CCR tribute band. Fortunately It tanks. Although incredibly talented the two just can’t find the magic to pull it off. Today, I sat down at Mio Russo Sicilian Bar + Table at 2561 53rd Ave, Bettendorf. You’ll have to bear with me as I learn how to write these reviews again. Its been a minute.... Read More

Rock Island’s Igor’s Bistro Is So Good It’s Scary

September 28th, 2022
Rock Island's Igor's Bistro Is So Good It's Scary

The first iteration of Igor graced the silver screens in 1933. Today Igor has been in some variation of different personas in many different classic horror movies as a bumbling and loyal assistant to mad scientist and evil monsters. However, Igor’s Bistro in Rock Island (next to Saukie Golf Course) offers up something much different than a campy horror movie. You could say its less B-Movie and more Blockbuster hit. Although I wasn’t invited into the kitchen I’m sure that they aren’t cooking up meals in a bubbling cauldron, and Chef Rick, isn’t a mad scientist,... Read More

Iowa’s HyVee Fast And Fresh Has Got One Great Burger, Says Doc

August 26th, 2022
Iowa's HyVee Fast And Fresh Has Got One Great Burger, Says Doc

It’s 13th Century Mongolia, you climb up on your horse to ride all day. Conquering villages, winking at village hotties, and building up a hunger only one thing could satiate. The good ole classic Hamburger. Well, I’m sorry 13th Century Mongolian Rider, although you’ve slipped some all beef patties between your horse and saddle to make it tender as a mothers love. This burger has to have “Buns Hun”… Fast forward 500 years. 1891 Oscar and Fanny Wilby of Bowden, Oklahoma are kicking off a 4th of July BBQ to celebrate “Merica”. The beer is room... Read More

An Ode To Chicago’s Most Famous Cuisine, From Iowa’s Doc Kaalberg

August 23rd, 2022
An Ode To Chicago's Most Famous Cuisine, From Iowa's Doc Kaalberg

The year is 1929. The Great Depression has started and folks are hungry. Chicagoans say “Hold my hot dog…I got you.” The origin of the Chicago Dog, is wrapped up in a time when folks were working hard and needed a nutrious yet delicious meal. The components of the Chicago Dog saved the working class and have stayed unchanged since the original rolled up and out of a hot dog stand. All Beef frank, not boiled but steam cooked and held in warm water for upto 20 to 30 minutes. Boiling makes your Frank’s tough. The steam and hold gives that perfect snap. Nathan’s... Read More

REVIEW: Lock 14 Dam Good Salsa Is Hot, Doc Kaalberg Says

August 22nd, 2022
REVIEW: Lock 14 Dam Good Salsa Is Hot, Doc Kaalberg Says

There are few things fresher in life than LOCK 14 Dam Good Salsa. For example. 1). Stepping out of the shower on a hot day, wrapping a towel around your waist, and then using the A/C vent in the bathroom to air dry your undercarriage. 2). The way the pores on your nose feel for 1 min and 48 seconds after ripping a Biore charcoal nose strip off your face, that you saw in your wife’s make up drawer, while air drying your undercarriage off over a A/C vent in the bathroom. 3). Stepping into the kitchen, to a fresh batch of Lock and Dam Good Salsa on the counter that’s been prepared... Read More

Doc Kaalberg Dishes On His Favorite French Fries In Illinois And Iowa

July 15th, 2022
Doc Kaalberg Dishes On His Favorite French Fries In Illinois And Iowa

In honor of National French Fry Day here is my quick list of my top 5 favorites in the QC. 5. Tacobar Nacho fries. Perfect for a drunk snack or a hangover. These babies are packed full of what a growing boy needs. 4. Duck City Bistro Duck fat frys… These fries are the reason ducks were invented. Don’t ask my the logic on that, just know it involves science. 3. Luli’s homemade chips. Not really fries, but since this is my page I’ll allow it. They are potatoes, they are fried, they are to die for. Pro tip get the spicy ketchup with them. 2. Bone Collector BBQ &... Read More

What Wine Goes Best With Combos? Doc Kaalberg’s Latest Food Review Examines This Question

June 29th, 2022
What Wine Goes Best With Combos? Doc Kaalberg's Latest Food Review Examines This Question

Random Person: I wish there was a Certified Wine Expert to tell me what wine pairs with my Combos… Me: I got you fam… Product Review Combos, the quintessential stoner snack. Invented in the late 70s this baked not fried snack hit the shelves in 1985. A bite-sized, cheese-filled cracker, pretzel or tortilla, COMBOS was developed by Mars Chocolate North America. Since the first nacho cheese variety was introduced, the line has expanded to seven distinct flavor combinations (cheddar cheese pretzel, pizzeria pretzel, cheddar cheese cracker, pepperoni pizza cracker, zesty salsa... Read More