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Coya’s Cafe In Moline Is A Magical Mexican Food Experience

Pulling up to COYA’S CAFE , I see a grown man in the parking lot sitting quietly in his work truck. He catches my attention because I see him with a half-unwrapped burrito in his hand, and tears streaming down his face. I’m genuinely concerned, but I’ve yet to eat today and he looks like he wants to be left alone.

Inside Coyas it’s like part candy store part kitchen of magical offerings. I ordered the Carna Asada Burrito and Carne Asada Tostadas. Wednesday is special for that burrito to get you through.

A glass bottle of Mexican Coke, and an order up later I’m back in the parking lot next to my brother in burrito. His face seems to be cleared up and he shoots a half grin and a deep head nod my way before he pulls out of the parking lot. I start my car up and turn the radio on. I have a long drive back to the office so I figure a bite or two will help tide me over. I sink my teeth in for the first bite and Enya starts playing on the radio.

Coya's Cafe In Moline Is A Magical Mexican Food Experience

🎶 Who can say where the road goes, Where the day flows only time, and who can say if your love grows, as your heart chose, only time 🎶

The flavor hits me so hard tears roll down my face. My God, I can’t believe I’ve waited so long for this. I can no longer imagine my life without Coya’s again. The taste is so amazing. So fresh. As I get towards the end of this magical burrito journey, another car pulls in. I raise my burrito towards him, offering a smile and head nod. He tips his hat, knowingly. I wipe my tears away and drive off.

Your friend in food,
Out to eat with Leo

My friends at Coya’s Cafe are having a bit of a rough go, please stop down and support them.

Coya's Cafe In Moline Is A Magical Mexican Food Experience

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Doc Kaalberg is a local QC Native of 35 years. He has traveled the world, and found himself at home here. He served with the famed 1st Infantry Division as a Combat Medic and after being wounded in combat retired to Moline, Illinois. Doc spends his spare time blogging and writing food reviews for the local QC food scene.

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