Doc Kaalberg Fuels Up With QC FuelJust stopped by QC FUEL for a quick smoothie and ice coffee for the kid.

One sip in and I feel like I just got a 1-2 combo uppercut by a mango strawberry smoothie made special by Hannah at the Moline location. I mean holy shiznit!

This thing will put hair on your chest and then shave it off.

I was on my way to run errands, now I’m trying on bootie shorts and getting ready to lead a virtual spin class on my neighbor’s peloton with Fergalicious blasting in the background.

Do I feel emasculated because I’m drinking a smoothie and my daughter got a coffee?

A little bit, but do the awesome ladies at QC Fuel know I ordered it for myself and added extra whip cream so it would get trapped in my beard?

Heck no!

But I’m over here living my best life, #Hotdadsummer !

Your friend in food, until the next spin class.



Doc Kaalberg Fuels Up With QC Fuel
Doc Kaalberg is a local QC Native of 35 years. He has traveled the world, and found himself at home here. He served with the famed 1st Infantry Division as a Combat Medic and after being wounded in combat retired to Moline, Illinois. Doc spends his spare time blogging and writing food reviews for the local QC food scene.