State Rep. Candidate Thurgood Brooks is asking the public to withhold judgment after an article was published in the Quad City Times on February 17, 2022, containing false statements about Mr. Brooks and the events surrounding the Rock Island City Council
meeting of February 14.

When video of the events in question is made available, everyone in District 72 will be able to judge for themselves” says Brooks. “But I want to be very clear that the article that appeared in the Quad City Times on February 17 is misleading and contains statements about me that are false.”

Mr. Brooks, a respected local leader who has spent his career advocating for the development of community partnerships and continues to demand inclusion, transparency, and accountability from elected officials, spoke at Monday’s City Council meeting criticizing the failure of local government to include members of the community in decisionmaking directly relevant to them.

Illinois State Representative Candidate Brooks Slams Times For False Reporting

Thurgood Brooks

“Holding elected officials accountable is not a threat” says Brooks, referring to the Times article. “It is a necessary part of American
democracy. It is how democracy works.”

“Let me be very clear” says Brooks, “District 72 deserves a State Representative who will defend democratic principles, who is passionate about the issues, who brings more voices into the conversation, and who isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo or speak up and speak out on behalf of his constituents.

“If these are values you share and if you care about a clean and green economy, affordable and attractive housing, and healthy and stable communities, join our campaign to bring about positive change for the District.”

To learn more about Brooks and his campaign for Illinois State Representative, visit A donation to the campaign will help to bring transparency, accountability, and positive change to District 72.

Illinois State Representative Candidate Brooks Slams Times For False Reporting
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Illinois State Representative Candidate Brooks Slams Times For False Reporting

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