To celebrate Halloween, I’m dropping multiple columns for your laughs and enjoyment. Hope you all have a happy and safe holiday!

Are there Vampire businesses that are open all night?

There are a lot of other businesses that amaze me with their tenacity to stay around. I never see anyone there. There are never any cars Halloween Column Weekend: Are There Vampire Businesses That Are Open All Night?outside. They don’t advertise. They don’t seem to be particularly viable. Yet there they are, steadfast, inexplicable.

Can these places be potential tax write offs or money laundering enterprises?

Or do they have a set of clienteles that I’m not privy to, since I don’t run in certain circles, or since I don’t maintain a strictly nocturnal existence?

Maybe they’re just dead during the day, but at say, 3 or 4 a.m., when most of us are in bed, asleep (or, just waking up to get a bottle for a one-year-old), they become bustling meccas for a wide range of customers.

It’s strange to think of this different world taking place around us, apart from us, but still somewhat tangentially tied, if only through the physical remnant of the building, standing static, abandoned, during the daylight hours.


You wonder if vampires think the same thing about banks.

“What’s up with that Us Bank building?” writes the vampire blogger equivalent to Sean.   “I never see anyone there during night hours, when we’re all awake. How does it stay in business?”

Although undoubtedly they’d be very intrigued by blood banks…

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Halloween Column Weekend: Are There Vampire Businesses That Are Open All Night?
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