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Just What Exactly Is ‘The Black Eye Club,’ And Why Are So Many Celebrities A Part Of It?

August 6th, 2021
Just What Exactly Is 'The Black Eye Club,' And Why Are So Many Celebrities A Part Of It?

How many people do you know who currently have black eyes? How many people in the past year have you seen who have had black eyes? Just in general, how many people can you remember having black eyes in your life over the past year, two years, five years, ten years? Unless you’re a boxer, you train in MMA, or you run an underground fight club (damn! I wasn’t supposed to talk about that!), you probably don’t see many, if any, folks with black eyes running around. Heck, I trained in karate, boxing, tae kwan do, and muy thai kickboxing over the course of about about 20 years, and... Read More

It’s A Johns And Davids World

April 22nd, 2019
It's A Johns And Davids World

It’s an odd trend in entertainment and pop culture, but strangely, there are a lot of creative, imaginative and cool creators named John and David. Think about it. Think of all the popular and/or pop culturally influential Johns. John Lennon. John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten). John Belushi. John Cusack. Johnny Depp. John Steinbeck. John Hiatt. John Waters. Johnny Carson. John Mayer. John Grisham. John Fogerty. John Legend. John Mellencamp. Etc. Etc. And then there are the many Davids: David Letterman. Dave Chappelle. Dave Barry. David Mamet. David Lynch. David Fincher. David Byrne. David Sedaris. David... Read More