Thursday - December 2, 2021
Quad Cities USA - Guide to Davenport & Bettendorf Iowa and Rock Island & Moline Illinois

REVIEW: You’ll Want To Start A Torrid Affair With FoodAffair, Doc Kaalberg Says

August 28th, 2021
REVIEW: You'll Want To Start A Torrid Affair With FoodAffair, Doc Kaalberg Says

It’s a quite cloudy morning. My kids are choosing pillows and snoring over an early breakfast with their dad. Giving me the chance to try something new. For months I’ve heard of the genius minds behind the FoodAffair . But I’ve quietly sat behind my desk and computer screen and contemplated my first trist with the much talked about Eggs Benedict. If this were a Sunday I may stay for mimosas, or maybe some waffles. However today my mind and heart are set. Walking into the restuarant it feels very open and warm. A faux fireplace adorns the walls and a wide open view of the... Read More

REVIEW: Davenport’s Tacobar Is A Boundary-Pushing Masterpiece, Doc Says

August 20th, 2021
REVIEW: Davenport's Tacobar Is A Boundary-Pushing Masterpiece, Doc Says

To know Tacobar is to know Chef Toby. To know Chef Toby is to know the deranged, angry, passionate, frustrated, loving man. Who refuses to give up, give in, or go “mainstream.” He pushes the boundaries of what most Chef’s will do, then he breaks those boundaries, and smashes through the walls of your expectations like a drunken Kool-Aid man high fiving everyone in the room screaming “Ohhhh Yeah” while pelvic thrusting inappropriately to 90s alt rock. Our dinner tonight felt like a celebration of not only us, but a celebration of knowing and befriending Toby almost one year... Read More

REVIEW: Cooks And Cuffs Will Captivate You, Says Doc Kaalberg

July 22nd, 2021
REVIEW: Cooks And Cuffs Will Captivate You, Says Doc Kaalberg

In 1888 Vincent Van Gogh painted quite possibly my favorite work of art. Cafe De Terrace. It was part one in a series of three. Fast forward to 2021, and Chef Keys from Cooks and Cuffs has cooked for me her Cafe De Keys. This New York born and raised Chef found her way here, to our bustling little metropolitan area, looking to start a new life with her husband. What’s she brought with her is a style of cooking all her own. To call what Chef Keys does in the kitchen is cook, is an insult. If Pavarotti hummed a diddy next to you, would you call it humming or listening to a musical master?... Read More

No Doubt About It: Doc Loves Double Ds… In Davenport

July 18th, 2021
No Doubt About It: Doc Loves Double Ds... In Davenport

As I smash my face between these tasty juicy breasts, I realize why I love Double Ds. Sorry, that is a little vague. I realize why I love the Buffalo Chicken breast sandwich from the Double D Diner and why I order two at a time. With all of our differences between us cant we all agree that Double Ds is what this country needs to heal? Even my wife agrees with me though her lower back hurts, and she hasn’t really enjoyed them since she was in college. She does loves a good pair though. Sorry, Buffalo chicken breast sandwiches, got distracted again which is easy to do with Double Ds…Diner.... Read More

Doc Has A High Time In His Latest Review Of Nature’s Treatment Of Illinois

June 29th, 2021
Doc Has A High Time In His Latest Review Of Nature's Treatment Of Illinois

I apologize for the late review. After picking up a couple of gummy bear edibles from Nature’s Treatment of Illinois, I made a mistake. After listening to many of my friends, especially the shady ones I was told to eat only a 1/2 or even a 1/4 of one to start. Being a big guy, whose in a quite a bit of pain i said hell with it and popped a handful. What could it hurt? LEARN FROM ME!. One hour after I said this isn’t “shiznit” I was sitting in the passenger side of my van talking to myself, who was in the driver’s seat about not driving while high. This conversation... Read More

Doc Kaalberg Fuels Up With QC Fuel

June 22nd, 2021
Doc Kaalberg Fuels Up With QC Fuel

Just stopped by QC FUEL for a quick smoothie and ice coffee for the kid. One sip in and I feel like I just got a 1-2 combo uppercut by a mango strawberry smoothie made special by Hannah at the Moline location. I mean holy shiznit! This thing will put hair on your chest and then shave it off. I was on my way to run errands, now I’m trying on bootie shorts and getting ready to lead a virtual spin class on my neighbor’s peloton with Fergalicious blasting in the background. Do I feel emasculated because I’m drinking a smoothie and my daughter got a coffee? A little bit, but do the... Read More

Taste Of Ethiopia Is The Quad-Cities’ Jewel Of The Nile, Doc Says

June 19th, 2021
Taste Of Ethiopia Is The Quad-Cities' Jewel Of The Nile, Doc Says

Next to the Mighty Mississippi River sits a hidden gem. Our own little Jewel of the Nile if you will. Taste of Ethiopia will bring you a new way of experiencing the Quad Cities, in a more flavorful way. Today’s review is somewhat sponsored and two parts. I sat down with Consumed Foodie , too experience this restaurant. While it maybe a new experience to us, I have a feeling we’ve been missing out. Families and couples flow through during our lunch break and order large dinner plates and laugh and carry on as if they were right at home. The patio which offers an amazing view of the... Read More

Looking For Some BBQ Tonight? For A Hot Time Doc Prescribes East Moline’s Smokey’s Country Diner

June 13th, 2021
Looking For Some BBQ Tonight? For A Hot Time Doc Prescribes East Moline's Smokey's Country Diner

Tonight I got two phone numbers. I wasn’t trying for either, however I guess I still have game. Not many BBQ ribs around here are suck-the-meat-off-the-bone good. But hot damn Smokey’s Country Diner in East Moline is a winner. There I was minding my own business, gnawing every morsel of deliciousness off the bone when I looked up and saw his face. At first I thought he was disgusted. He looked away quickly and I continued my vigorous method until the bone was clean. Shortly afterwards I even licked my plate clean. Now, at that time, the person who I thought was the man’s... Read More

Janie’s Riverview Cafe A Little Bit Of Home In Buffalo, Iowa

June 12th, 2021
Janie's Riverview Cafe A Little Bit Of Home In Buffalo, Iowa

There’s a little bit of home, a little bit of vacation, a little bit of a view, but a lot of love at Janie’s Riverview Cafe in Buffalo, Iowa. This journey I’ve been on for over a year now to bring my reviews to every local restaurant has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. I meet folks, shake hands, bump fist, laugh and learn a little of their story so I can craft mine. If you drive too fast you might miss this quaint little stop a long the river, and that very well maybe a mistake. Home cooked styling and hearty plates will make you feel right as rain. Most... Read More