Monday - October 2, 2023
Quad Cities USA - Guide to Davenport & Bettendorf Iowa and Rock Island & Moline Illinois

Doc Kaalberg Fuels Up With QC Fuel

May 11th, 2023
Doc Kaalberg Fuels Up With QC Fuel

Just stopped by QC FUEL for a quick smoothie and ice coffee for the kid. One sip in and I feel like I just got a 1-2 combo uppercut by a mango strawberry smoothie made special by Hannah at the Moline location. I mean holy shiznit! This thing will put hair on your chest and then shave it off. I was on my way to run errands, now I’m trying on bootie shorts and getting ready to lead a virtual spin class on my neighbor’s peloton with Fergalicious blasting in the background. Do I feel emasculated because I’m drinking a smoothie and my daughter got a coffee? A little bit, but do the... Read More

Is Ruby’s Chili Better Than Sex? Doc Investigates Which Is Hotter…

April 27th, 2023
Is Ruby's Chili Better Than Sex? Doc Investigates Which Is Hotter...

People often say this food was better than sex. Frankly, that’s terrifying. I’ve been admitted to a hospital, banned from Burger King properties, chased by the Mexican police and atleast one Cartel, and had my credit score increase by 50 points after some of my escapades. So, I’d like to submit this Award winning chill served to me today at Rubys was better than dry humping. Can I say that? I mean don’t get me wrong, this is literally the best chilli I’ve ever had…Better than sex? Ehh, definitely better than dry humping. Do people still do that? My marketing... Read More

An Ode To Chicago’s Most Famous Cuisine, From Iowa’s Doc Kaalberg

January 26th, 2023
An Ode To Chicago's Most Famous Cuisine, From Iowa's Doc Kaalberg

The year is 1929. The Great Depression has started and folks are hungry. Chicagoans say “Hold my hot dog…I got you.” The origin of the Chicago Dog, is wrapped up in a time when folks were working hard and needed a nutrious yet delicious meal. The components of the Chicago Dog saved the working class and have stayed unchanged since the original rolled up and out of a hot dog stand. All Beef frank, not boiled but steam cooked and held in warm water for upto 20 to 30 minutes. Boiling makes your Frank’s tough. The steam and hold gives that perfect snap. Nathan’s... Read More

REVIEW: You’ll Want To Start A Torrid Affair With FoodAffair, Doc Kaalberg Says

December 29th, 2022
REVIEW: You'll Want To Start A Torrid Affair With FoodAffair, Doc Kaalberg Says

It’s a quite cloudy morning. My kids are choosing pillows and snoring over an early breakfast with their dad. Giving me the chance to try something new. For months I’ve heard of the genius minds behind the FoodAffair . But I’ve quietly sat behind my desk and computer screen and contemplated my first trist with the much talked about Eggs Benedict. If this were a Sunday I may stay for mimosas, or maybe some waffles. However today my mind and heart are set. Walking into the restuarant it feels very open and warm. A faux fireplace adorns the walls and a wide open view of the... Read More

Mac’s Tavern Food Is Everything You’d Want And More, Says Doc Kaalberg

December 5th, 2022
Mac's Tavern Food Is Everything You'd Want And More, Says Doc Kaalberg

Last night was inspirational. I’ve never been more impressed with a Bartender/Server/Jack of all trades. A late meeting ended our night at Macstavern Davenport in downtown Davenport. I’ve heard rumors of them having some of the best wings in the Quad Cities, so I may or may not have slipped this casually into conversation. First and foremost, this isnt your typical bar. A wide open setting lets you find a booth or a table to sit, or you can cozy up to the bar. A few families are sitting at the tables tonight so we choose the bar. Peter promptly takes are drink orders and hands us... Read More

What Wine Goes Best With Combos? Doc Kaalberg’s Latest Food Review Examines This Question

June 29th, 2022
What Wine Goes Best With Combos? Doc Kaalberg's Latest Food Review Examines This Question

Random Person: I wish there was a Certified Wine Expert to tell me what wine pairs with my Combos… Me: I got you fam… Product Review Combos, the quintessential stoner snack. Invented in the late 70s this baked not fried snack hit the shelves in 1985. A bite-sized, cheese-filled cracker, pretzel or tortilla, COMBOS was developed by Mars Chocolate North America. Since the first nacho cheese variety was introduced, the line has expanded to seven distinct flavor combinations (cheddar cheese pretzel, pizzeria pretzel, cheddar cheese cracker, pepperoni pizza cracker, zesty salsa... Read More

Doc Kaalberg Goes Out On A Limb To Recommend This Iowa Pie Company

March 16th, 2022
Doc Kaalberg Goes Out On A Limb To Recommend This Iowa Pie Company

The first citation states “as easy as pie” originated in Australia in the 1920s. It grew from the term “pie on” or “pie at” which means to be very good at something. The root is the Maori word “pai” which means “good”. Hence, if you’re good at something it will be as easy as pie. Out On A Limb Pie Company, demonstrates there is nothing easy about her pies. In fact these are pain staking creations of lots of scientific development and meticulously crafted amazingly baked concoctions. For her it has become “Easy as Pie”. By her, I am referring to Juli.... Read More

REVIEW: Davenport’s Tacobar Is A Boundary-Pushing Masterpiece, Doc Says

August 20th, 2021
REVIEW: Davenport's Tacobar Is A Boundary-Pushing Masterpiece, Doc Says

To know Tacobar is to know Chef Toby. To know Chef Toby is to know the deranged, angry, passionate, frustrated, loving man. Who refuses to give up, give in, or go “mainstream.” He pushes the boundaries of what most Chef’s will do, then he breaks those boundaries, and smashes through the walls of your expectations like a drunken Kool-Aid man high fiving everyone in the room screaming “Ohhhh Yeah” while pelvic thrusting inappropriately to 90s alt rock. Our dinner tonight felt like a celebration of not only us, but a celebration of knowing and befriending Toby almost one year... Read More

REVIEW: Cooks And Cuffs Will Captivate You, Says Doc Kaalberg

July 22nd, 2021
REVIEW: Cooks And Cuffs Will Captivate You, Says Doc Kaalberg

In 1888 Vincent Van Gogh painted quite possibly my favorite work of art. Cafe De Terrace. It was part one in a series of three. Fast forward to 2021, and Chef Keys from Cooks and Cuffs has cooked for me her Cafe De Keys. This New York born and raised Chef found her way here, to our bustling little metropolitan area, looking to start a new life with her husband. What’s she brought with her is a style of cooking all her own. To call what Chef Keys does in the kitchen is cook, is an insult. If Pavarotti hummed a diddy next to you, would you call it humming or listening to a musical master?... Read More

No Doubt About It: Doc Loves Double Ds… In Davenport

July 18th, 2021
No Doubt About It: Doc Loves Double Ds... In Davenport

As I smash my face between these tasty juicy breasts, I realize why I love Double Ds. Sorry, that is a little vague. I realize why I love the Buffalo Chicken breast sandwich from the Double D Diner and why I order two at a time. With all of our differences between us cant we all agree that Double Ds is what this country needs to heal? Even my wife agrees with me though her lower back hurts, and she hasn’t really enjoyed them since she was in college. She does loves a good pair though. Sorry, Buffalo chicken breast sandwiches, got distracted again which is easy to do with Double Ds…Diner.... Read More