Wednesday - June 29, 2022
Quad Cities USA - Guide to Davenport & Bettendorf Iowa and Rock Island & Moline Illinois

California Pho Is Undeniable… And Good, Says Doc Kaalberg

June 28th, 2022
California Pho Is Undeniable... And Good, Says Doc Kaalberg

I get lost sometimes in my reviews. One can only describe how a food tastes so many times without repeating themselves. It was great, amazing, flavorful, perfect, the best I’ve ever had, omg Becki so good, LIT AF. I am sure I could continue on. This weekend, I had the chance to sit down at California Pho , invited by Binh Nguyen Van. Joined by Cook and Cuffs by Chef Keys . What I was in store for was more than any of the words above. Normally I try to order 4 to 5 things off the menu to give everyone a spread of foods to ogle over. However today we are keeping it simple. 3 items... Read More

Doc Kaalberg Gives Two Caffeinated Thumbs Up To This Quad-Cities Coffee

June 8th, 2022
California Pho Is Undeniable... And Good, Says Doc Kaalberg

Tried out a new coffee that’s ground and roasted right here in the QC area, not gonna lie this stuff is incredible. Shout out to Country Morning Coffee Cafe’ & Roasting Shop. I picked mine up at Moline Hyvee. They had a bunch of flavors but this one just kinda defined me right now, if you all need a mascot for this flavor I’m your man!  Read More

Doc Kaalberg Takes A Big Drink Of Moline Starbucks And Finds Everything’s Zen

April 3rd, 2022
California Pho Is Undeniable... And Good, Says Doc Kaalberg

Today, unfortunately my review is for a corporate monster, a big business if you will. Starbucks. Specifically, the Starbucks inside Moline’s Hyvee on the Avenue. Why do I say “unfortunately”? Well because this is more about the barista than it is about the coffee. I love coffee, I love local coffee, I love Colombian coffee, I love Ethiopian Coffee, hell I even love elephant poop coffee. Trust me its insane, I’ve had it once. But what I love more than coffee is the folks that serve the coffee. That is what brings me back. That is what brings me in for the next high... Read More

Looking For Lunch Ideas? Doc Digs In To The Delicious Dishes At The Pub In Milan

March 25th, 2022
California Pho Is Undeniable... And Good, Says Doc Kaalberg

  The Pub in Milan is to family reunions, what the cool Aunt is for family reunions. Let me explain… Yesterday, I had the pleasure of sitting down to a lunch at The Pub. A medium size bar that should be serving greasy wings and warm beer, has transformed itself into a lunch and dinner time staple for those of you seeking out the hidden gems. Cold tap beer flows and offers local favorites. In fact that’s what I love the most, a local shop who strives to support local as well. You’ll find Boetjes mustard table top, and homemade favorites instead of frozen bag food ready for the... Read More

Doc Kaalberg Goes Out On A Limb To Recommend This Iowa Pie Company

March 16th, 2022
California Pho Is Undeniable... And Good, Says Doc Kaalberg

The first citation states “as easy as pie” originated in Australia in the 1920s. It grew from the term “pie on” or “pie at” which means to be very good at something. The root is the Maori word “pai” which means “good”. Hence, if you’re good at something it will be as easy as pie. Out On A Limb Pie Company, demonstrates there is nothing easy about her pies. In fact these are pain staking creations of lots of scientific development and meticulously crafted amazingly baked concoctions. For her it has become “Easy as Pie”. By her, I am referring to Juli.... Read More

Quad City Pizza Company’s Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza Hits All The Right Notes, Doc Says

February 8th, 2022
California Pho Is Undeniable... And Good, Says Doc Kaalberg

Part Pizza Part Bacon Cheeseburger this new creation for the month of February at Quad City Pizza Company hits all the right notes. I don’t know why I like, err, love this thing so much. I feel guilty, it’s like my high school crush on the lunch lady, I know it’s wrong but I go back for seconds anyway. My eyes see pizza, but my mouth says Bacon Freaking Cheeseburger. A little savory a little sweet, kinda like my high school lunch lady, less upper lip mustache. Give it a try you might fall in love like I did. With the pizza, not Lunch Lady Esmerelda. (I miss her smile... Read More

Rocks Anchor Grill Is A Mystery, Tragedy, Love Story And More, Doc Says

February 7th, 2022
California Pho Is Undeniable... And Good, Says Doc Kaalberg

If you blink, you’ll miss this stop, and that is kind of unfortunate. Today, we are talking about Rocks Rocks Anchor Grill. I am going to start this one out a little rough, but stick with me. I promise it gets better. Typically, my reviews end with a score on a scale from 1 to 10. So maybe we Tarantino this one a little bit. My score for Rocks Anchor Grill is 6.2 Of course this is a lower than average score, and some of you may be upset with my opinion but let me explain before you come with the pitchforks. Let me preface this by saying I am not a professional food critic. I am just... Read More

Verde Offers Spicy Deliciousness In Mexican Food, Doc Says

January 10th, 2022
California Pho Is Undeniable... And Good, Says Doc Kaalberg

Un-ironically, I’m spending a Taco Tuesday at Verde, 1507 State St., Bettendorf, a contemporary Mexican restaurant located off the foot of the Iowa side of the New 74 bridge, for my 1st of 52 reviews this year. Verde opened close enough to one year ago. The dream child of Chef Connor Larson, has been growing legs and learning how to not crawl but run in this shaky economy. While other restaurants have been forced to shutter doors, take days off, and change business models. Verde seems right at home, offering a smaller more intimate relationship with its customers; seriously customers? I... Read More

Diablo ‘Effin Hot’ Tacos From Tacobar Are Muy Caliente, Doc Says

December 7th, 2021
California Pho Is Undeniable... And Good, Says Doc Kaalberg

Diablo “Effin Hot” Carnasada Tacos from Tacobar .The taste outweighed the perfect amount of heat. I’d go to hell for these tacos if they were always on the menu. Toby also lemme try his new to the menu chimichanga’s. Pictured is the pulled pork the taste on these is stupid good. 100% honesty I’ve never finished a meal from Tacobar? The portions are ridiculously big, insanely tasty, and I haven’t partaken in the Devils lettuce pre-feasting. If you tried Tacobar in the past, and weren’t impressed. Give them another shot. Toby Christianson is one of... Read More

Indian Cafe Is A Hidden Gem In East Moline, Doc Says

November 29th, 2021
California Pho Is Undeniable... And Good, Says Doc Kaalberg

Over the last year I’ve learned a few tricks when going out to eat. Let me share the best one. City workers and garbage men know the best spots. Pulling into the parking lot of the World Market located just off the Avenue of the Cities in East Moline, if you venture inside you’ll find a little spot called Indian Cafe. On the day I went it was Diwali, the Indian festival of lights. The beginning of a new year and a celebration of new beginnings for many that follow the Hindu faith. So, I did what any red blooded American country boy would do. I ordered a cheeseburger. Okay that... Read More