Friday - March 24, 2023
Quad Cities USA - Guide to Davenport & Bettendorf Iowa and Rock Island & Moline Illinois

California Pho Is Undeniable… And Good, Says Doc Kaalberg

February 18th, 2023
California Pho Is Undeniable... And Good, Says Doc Kaalberg

I get lost sometimes in my reviews. One can only describe how a food tastes so many times without repeating themselves. It was great, amazing, flavorful, perfect, the best I’ve ever had, omg Becki so good, LIT AF. I am sure I could continue on. This weekend, I had the chance to sit down at California Pho , invited by Binh Nguyen Van. Joined by Cook and Cuffs by Chef Keys . What I was in store for was more than any of the words above. Normally I try to order 4 to 5 things off the menu to give everyone a spread of foods to ogle over. However today we are keeping it simple. 3 items... Read More

An Ode To Chicago’s Most Famous Cuisine, From Iowa’s Doc Kaalberg

January 26th, 2023
An Ode To Chicago's Most Famous Cuisine, From Iowa's Doc Kaalberg

The year is 1929. The Great Depression has started and folks are hungry. Chicagoans say “Hold my hot dog…I got you.” The origin of the Chicago Dog, is wrapped up in a time when folks were working hard and needed a nutrious yet delicious meal. The components of the Chicago Dog saved the working class and have stayed unchanged since the original rolled up and out of a hot dog stand. All Beef frank, not boiled but steam cooked and held in warm water for upto 20 to 30 minutes. Boiling makes your Frank’s tough. The steam and hold gives that perfect snap. Nathan’s... Read More

Davenport’s New Restaurant Verde A Spicy Good Place For Taco Tuesday

January 10th, 2023
Davenport's New Restaurant Verde A Spicy Good Place For Taco Tuesday

Un-ironically, I spent a Taco Tuesday at Verde a contemporary Mexican restaurant located off the foot of the Iowa side of the New 74 bridge. Verde opened close enough to 2 years ago. The dream child of Chef Connor Larson, has been growing legs and learning how to not crawl but run in this shaky economy. While other restaurants have been forced to shutter doors, take days off, and change business models. Verde seems right at home, offering a smaller more intimate relationship with its customers; seriously customers? I question my use of the word here, customer. No I’m not breaking a... Read More

What Quad-Cities Burger Place Has A Burger ‘Not For Youngsters?’

January 6th, 2023
What Quad-Cities Burger Place Has A Burger 'Not For Youngsters?'

This is a grown man burger. This burger isn’t for you youngsters. This burger takes years of experience to really appreciate. This baby is thicccck. This burger has taste and hits all the notes those youthful burgers just can’t reach. The cheese, smelty and perfect. The bun, it’s like biting into a pillow of heaven or kissing that girl at the end of the bar with a few extra curves. The meat, smashed, juicy and delicious, those ironically are the same words typed on the butt of that girl at the end of the bar. Man the late 90s were different. Where can you get this magical... Read More

Doc Gives A Full-Throated (And Bellied) Review For Davenport’s The Half Nelson

January 3rd, 2023
Doc Gives A Full-Throated (And Bellied) Review For Davenport's The Half Nelson

As restaurants struggle to reinvent themselves, The Half Nelson reimagines the world around it. Walking in you’ll see a world transformed to a time when things bamboozled you. I feel completely underdressed! Maybe I should be wearing a nice suit and slick my hair back with some Dapper Dan. Whatever the case, the Half Nelson is bringing the 1920’s to the 2020’s with a little style and panache. I wish I could say that I found this time machine located in Downtown Davenport towards the end of 2nd Street. Instead, I was invited and treated by Chef Philip Pridemore. This Chef... Read More

REVIEW: You’ll Want To Start A Torrid Affair With FoodAffair, Doc Kaalberg Says

December 29th, 2022
REVIEW: You'll Want To Start A Torrid Affair With FoodAffair, Doc Kaalberg Says

It’s a quite cloudy morning. My kids are choosing pillows and snoring over an early breakfast with their dad. Giving me the chance to try something new. For months I’ve heard of the genius minds behind the FoodAffair . But I’ve quietly sat behind my desk and computer screen and contemplated my first trist with the much talked about Eggs Benedict. If this were a Sunday I may stay for mimosas, or maybe some waffles. However today my mind and heart are set. Walking into the restuarant it feels very open and warm. A faux fireplace adorns the walls and a wide open view of the... Read More

Doc Kaalberg Fuels Up With QC Fuel

December 28th, 2022
Doc Kaalberg Fuels Up With QC Fuel

Just stopped by QC FUEL for a quick smoothie and ice coffee for the kid. One sip in and I feel like I just got a 1-2 combo uppercut by a mango strawberry smoothie made special by Hannah at the Moline location. I mean holy shiznit! This thing will put hair on your chest and then shave it off. I was on my way to run errands, now I’m trying on bootie shorts and getting ready to lead a virtual spin class on my neighbor’s peloton with Fergalicious blasting in the background. Do I feel emasculated because I’m drinking a smoothie and my daughter got a coffee? A little bit, but do the... Read More

Doc Kaalberg Gives Two Caffeinated Thumbs Up To This Quad-Cities Coffee

December 20th, 2022
Doc Kaalberg Gives Two Caffeinated Thumbs Up To This Quad-Cities Coffee

Tried out a new coffee that’s ground and roasted right here in the QC area, not gonna lie this stuff is incredible. Shout out to Country Morning Coffee Cafe’ & Roasting Shop. I picked mine up at Moline Hyvee. They had a bunch of flavors but this one just kinda defined me right now, if you all need a mascot for this flavor I’m your man!  Read More

Does Home Run Inn Pizza Hit A Grand Slam With Doc?

December 19th, 2022
Does Home Run Inn Pizza Hit A Grand Slam With Doc?

Today I’m reviewing Home Run Inn Pizza, typically I’m an Totinos Party man, or even a Tombstone’r. However a few articles gave this brand an honorable mention in their rankings. So here we are. Price: These can be found right here locally in the QC, I picked these up at Jewel on Avenue of the Cities for 3 for $10. These are the personal size. While yes you could say all pizzas are personal pizzas if you try hard enough. They do carry the standard 12 inch oven pizza and more flavors for $7.99. Ease of baking: 15 minutes at 425 produced an almost perfect bake to my liking.... Read More

Mama Bosso Boss Gets Doc Kaalberg To Review Their Frozen Pizza… Again

December 8th, 2022
Mama Bosso Boss Gets Doc Kaalberg To Review Their Frozen Pizza... Again

I get things wrong. Look it up. I graduated 2nd in my class, errr 2nd to last in my class. However, like you I have my opinions and I started writing these reviews as a way to share those with you. With that influence and reach, I have to accept I’ll have some that disagree with me. Some that don’t like me. Some that send me feet pics…(Please stop, feet gross me out), and some that listen to me and go find and patronize these businesses and products. So, I’m honest. If I want to keep growing, and keep you as followers, there is a trust that must be kept. That being said.... Read More