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WQPT PBS Quad-Cities Receives New Master Control Rack

MACOMB/Moline, IL – – It’s a BIG day for WQPT PBS, Western Illinois University’s public television station, with the exciting delivery of a new Master Control rack. This state-of-the-art equipment is a significant upgrade for the station, representing a new central hub that will manage and coordinate all signals, programming and broadcast elements to ensure seamless and high-quality transmission of television.

The Master Control rack is integral to operations, handling everything from signal routing to ensuring that our programming reaches viewers with the highest possible quality.

“The installation of this technology allows WQPT to link arms with an industry leader that provides joint master control and technology services to public television stations nationwide. The result is the clearest over-the-air signal possible for our viewers in the communities we serve,” Terry Wilson, WQPT’s director of marketing and development, said.

The installation and integration of the new Master Control rack will be carried out over the next few weeks, during which WQPT will ensure minimal disruption to the regular broadcast schedule.

For more information about the new Master Control rack and other updates at WQPT PBS, visit wqpt.org.


WQPT PBS is the local PBS station for the Western Illinois and Eastern Iowa region, providing educational, cultural and entertaining programming to the community. Their mission is to enrich the lives of their viewers through high-quality content and community engagement.

WQPT PBS Quad-Cities Receives New Master Control Rack

The new equipment at WQPT PBS Moline

WQPT PBS Quad-Cities Receives New Master Control Rack

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