Monday - April 19, 2021
Quad Cities USA - Guide to Davenport & Bettendorf Iowa and Rock Island & Moline Illinois

Time Travelers Reveal This Year’s Super Bowl Winner, And It’s…

February 7th, 2021

About half a football field’s throw ago, I wrote a column about an alleged time traveler from the year 2485. I wrote it as a joke, of course, because I can only take time travel so seriously. As a concept, I find it fascinating, as I find all esoteric science and the ilk fascinating, and of course time travel has been proven theoretically possible, so I don’t completely discount it out of hand. However, I also use a generous serving of salt grains when reading about alleged time travelers. And I add limes and tequila. There are plenty of time travelers on TikTok, the social media platform... Read More

Is This Man Really A Time Traveler From The Year 2485???

October 23rd, 2020

There’s been a long history of people claiming to be time travelers. And there’s been an even longer history of people just being full of crap. Oddly enough, the Venn diagram between the two is almost an identical shadow of two circles. Certainly, there are maybe one or two instances that have made me, and others, go “hmmmm.” But most of them have made me, and others, go, “Oh geez, this is friggin’ baloney.” One of the most infamous of these among the bologna category was John Titor. Now, back in the ‘90s and up to the mid-2000s, one of the most famous radio shows in the country... Read More

Time Traveler Visits Quad-Cities From Past, With Mozz Sticks

April 15th, 2020

Stunning evidence of time travel has been discovered in the Quad-Cities! QuadCities.com has uncovered shocking proof that the past version of area performance artist Khalil Hacker (best known for his socially and politically incendiary controversial devouring of donuts on live video) visited the present local man’s residence, slipped seductively into a Star Wars-themed man lingerie, watched a popular Dustin Hoffman movie, made himself some delicious mozzarella sticks (which he then devoured) and then, in a cheeky, brazen act of unmitigated, magnificent audacity, posted about his activities... Read More