Tuesday - November 24, 2020
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And The REAL Winner Of The Iowa Caucuses Is…

February 4th, 2020

You could tell there was something afowl in Iowa for a while. The scent of something bold, spicy, hot, was in the air. It was an original recipe for chaos that turned extra crispy as the night dragged on. And so it’s no surprise, that we at QuadCities.com have unplucked a savory scoop. And when the national media gazes a popeye on it, they’ll be fileting those who have tried to cover it up, probably in panko. What have they been covering? That the REAL winner of the Iowa caucuses is … None other than… CHICKENZILLA. That’s right. Chickenzilla. That half-chicken, half-dinosaur bird of... Read More

John Leguizamo To Endorse Andrew Yang For President Friday

January 23rd, 2020

Award-winning actor John Leguizamo will endorse Andrew Yang for president on Friday, Yang announced Thursday evening during his stop at the LULAC Club in Davenport. The announcement of the award-winning Latino actor endorsing Yang was met with loud applause in the local headquarters of one of the biggest Latino civil rights organizations in the country. Yang didn’t specify when or how the endorsement would be delivered, but said that he was “honored” by it. Leguizamo has been campaigning for Yang and has mentioned his support for him on his social media. Leguizamo has led a long and critically-acclaimed... Read More