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Show Your Moline Pride with Your Very Own Driveway ‘M’

You’ve probably seen them as you are driving around in Moline. Driveways painted with a large ‘M’. Have you ever wondered what they are, or how you can get one?

Show Your Moline Pride with Your Very Own Driveway ‘M’

Previous MHS Football Team Sweatshirts

Driveway ‘M’s is the newest and most popular fundraiser for Moline High School’s Varsity Football team. Prices vary based on size and all funds go towards the team sweatshirts, gifted to the players at the beginning of the season.

In years past, parents of the MHS football players joined together to purchase senior gifts to be given at the post-season banquet. During the 2016-17 season however, the parents decided to invest in team sweatshirts in lieu of senior gifts. This was a very popular decision with the varsity players! The sense of appreciation and pride the personalized matching sweatshirts brought the team was quickly realized.

Team sweatshirts were funded the first couple of years through fundraisers that they players participated in. These fundraisers were in addition to the two they already supported, the Spirit Card (sales going to help support the Moline Football program through MYFA) and the Moline Booster Raffle Ticket sales.

Show Your Moline Pride with Your Very Own Driveway ‘M’

Current locations of Driveway ‘M’s

Last year, MHS Football parent Beth Melton and others joined forces to create the Driveway ‘M’s fundraiser, which was able to cover 90% of the sweatshirts’ costs. All painting is done by the parents of players. Paint and supplies are graciously discounted by Sherwin-Williams on Avenue of the Cities (which also helps with the supply of paint for the ‘M’ at Browning Field). Due to the success and popularity of the Driveway ‘M’s, they are back for another year!

You can order a small ‘M’ (22×22) for just $25 or a medium ‘M’ (34×34) for $35. New this year, touch-ups are also available for only $15. You can register to receive your own Driveway ‘M’ online.

Recipients do not need to be home at the time of the painting, but payment will have to be made prior. It is recommended that you do not touch the freshly painted ‘M’ for 24 hours. For further questions, contact meltonkf@gmail.com.

Looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift? Get Dad a Driveway ‘M’! Want to make a donation, but don’t want an ‘M’? That can be done, too! Just visit the online form for payment options.

It’s amazing how something as simple as a team sweatshirt can help create such a strong sense of family and togetherness for the players, coaches and managers alike. Please consider helping out the Moline High School Football players while showing off your Moline Maroon pride, by purchasing your Driveway ‘M’ today!

Show Your Moline Pride with Your Very Own Driveway ‘M’

Show Your Moline Pride with Your Very Own Driveway ‘M’

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