Baseball is back! And Fantasy Baseball is right back with it!

We’re all preparing for our drafts and getting ready for the season, and here are some tips on players to look for and avoid this spring.

Andrew McCutchen (OF)  He has been moved to RF, not asked, but told. Trade rumors persist, but he is an awesome fantasy performer.  Wanting to prove his worth, he is a keeper.  Even if he moves from the “steel city” he will be well worth it.

Matt Wieters (C) He recently signed with the Washington Nationals, after playing some good years with the Baltimore Orioles.  Wieters could prove to be a valuble commodity with the lack of quality catchers out there.  Take a flyer in the late rounds.

Brandon Phillips (2B\Inf) He was recently picked up by the Atlanta Braves.  At 35 he could be a bust, BUT he could also be playing for a contract and could be worth a look.

Aroldis Chapman (RP) the now former Cub is in New York with the Yanks again.  After being rejected after the Chicago Cubs sweet season , will he be the same?

Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees, is gone or is he? The reports say 0% of him coming back.  He coaching the Yanks on a limited basis during Spring training.  I would not touch with a ten foot pole if he comes back, but something to watch.

THE CUBS. OMG they are loaded and if you can grab any one of them, do it.   Except for maybe Jason Heyward, who sucked eggs last year.



Wayne Hess graduated from high school 26 years ago and since then has been eligible for the NFL Draft and NBA Draft.  He still waits for his call to the majors.  He has filled his time since then teaching, directing and acting in theatre and being a comic book nerd.