Last week I looked at the NFC, now it’s on to the AFC…


Buffalo Bills

Keeper – RB LeSean McCoy.  “Shady” has looked good in preseason!  Rex Ryan will run him a lot; if he stays healthy he could be a top 3 RB this year.  Round 3.

Sleeper – TE Charles Clay.  WRs Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods will get plenty of looks, in the red zone look for Clay to get plenty of chances all season.  Round 4.

Bust – RB Reggie Bush.  Someone always drafts this has been, always.  DO NOT DRAFT HIM!  A strong wind will blow in Buffalo and he will sprain an ankle and be out for the season.

Miami Dolphins

Keeper – WR Jarvis Landry.  For some reason he is listed on the depth chart as the 3rd WR.  That didn’t fool me; he is clearly the first option in the Dolphins air attack.  Round 4

Sleeper – QB Ryan Tannehill.  Someday he has to bust out, right?  Right?  This could be the year

Bust – RB Arian Foster.  When last I checked the Dolphins had a no name at the top of the depth chart.  They signed Foster late this spring.  His past numbers make him attractive, however he is old (for an NFL RB) and injury prone.  He will go a lot sooner than he should in the mid rounds.

New England Patriots

Keeper – TE Rob Gronkowski.  Gronk is a top 10 pick in the first round easily.  He is the number one threat for receiving players in the NFL.  Sure QB Tom Brady won’t play the first 4 games, but do not be fooled he is too athletic, talented and big.  Grab him in the first!

Sleeper – WR Chris Hogan.  His nickname is 7/11, because he is open all the time.  Goodbye Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman get a Slurpee at 7\11.  Round 8.

Bust – RBs – Head coach Bill Bellyache runs a platoon and goes with the hot hand.  It is hard to pick a NE RB to go with when they play so many.  If you need to go with LeGarrette Blount, who could see the most carries.

New York Jets

Keeper – WR Brandon Marshall.  Marshall is still at his peak and he loves QB Ryan Fitzpatrick.  A sure fire pick.  Round 3.

Sleeper – RB Bilal Powell.  When RB Matt Forte gets hurt he will bring the rock!  Pick him up on waivers.

Bust – RB Matt Forte. He was a great back, but the Bears wore on his tires.  People will grab him sooner than later, but be weary.  He will go in the 5th or 6th, which is too early.

Predicted finish

New England
New York

AFC North


Keeper – QB Joe Flacco.  It is hard to find a keeper in Baltimore, but with WR Steve Smith back, Flacco is the man.  Or is he?

Sleeper – WR Steve Smith.  Old by NFL standards, but this is his last year.  He wants to go out with a bang.  He will go in late rounds.

Bust – RB Justin Forsett.  He is playing on borrowed time.  His time is over and do not draft him!


Keeper – WR A.J. Green.  The number 2 or 3 pick off the board.  He catches everything and will have to this year.  Round 1

Sleeper – QB Andy Dalton.  He throws to Green and the other unimpressive WRs on the depth chart.  BUT he has to have big year or the cats will be out or not even make the playoffs.

Bust – Any WR without the last name of Green.  Unimpressive roster after Green.  Yes they might score here and there, but do not have any fantasy value.


Keeper – TE Gary Barnidge.  The prize receiver of one of the worst teams in the league will be one of the only prizes here once again.  Round 6 or 7.

Sleeper – RBs – A bunch of no names once again dot the roster. It’s time one steps op.  Watch the waivers.

Bust – Browns WRs.  Josh Gordon has a 4 game suspension, and is now in trade rumors.  Their Number 1 WR is Terrelle Pryor. At least for now, stay far away.  Poor RG III.


Keeper – WR Antonio Brown.  On most charts THE number 1 pick.  I am not sold. He will be a Number 1 or 2 pick in the 1st.

Sleeper –TE Ladarius Green.  One of the better TEs in recent Fantasy history Heath Miller is gone.  Look for Green to step up! Round 6 or 7.

Bust –RB Le’Veon Bell.  Listed in the top 10 Fantasy RBs is only suspended for 3 games now.  He has problems staying on the field with injuries and suspensions.  He will be there in the 3rd, but beware!

Predicted finish


AFC  South


Keeper – WR DeAndre Hopkins. The best of the Texans O!  He will be a top 5 or 6 receiver to go off the board.  Late round 2 early round 3

Sleeper – RB Lamar Miller.  The Dolphins and Texans basically swapped RBs.  The Texans won.  If Miller can keep off the Ds he will be money!  Rounds 5 or 6.

Bust – QB Brock Osweiler.  I don’t feel that he will be worth the money the Texans paid for him.  Look for 3rd QB to end up starting.  You can get Brock in the 8th or 9th round.


Keeper  – QB Andrew Luck.  The Colts will have a tough time in this division , everyone is improving around them.  The Colts and Luck seem to be regressing.  Luck will throw a lot, because they will be behind a lot.  Rounds 7 or 8.   A great fantasy backup.

Sleeper – RB Robert Turbin.  First string RB Frank Gore is done!  Done!  Go with Turbin on waivers.

Bust – WR T.Y Hilton.  He will get tons of looks and double teams.  The colts will be behind a lot of the season and the NFL, knows who will get the ball.  He will go early, but skip him


Keeper – QB Blake Bortles.  He could be a sleeper.  The most underrated QB in the raft won’t get much attention, but he should grab him in the 6th round.

Sleeper – RB Chris Ivory.  The backfield is crowded and Ivory will emerge as the clear number one over RB T.J. Yeldon.  Round 8.

Bust – RB T.J. Yeldon.  He is overhyped.  He will go early, but let him go.


Keeper – RB DeMarco Murray.  Even with rookie RB Derrick Henry.  Murray will get the call.  Round 5.

Sleeper – QB Marcus Mariota.  A new force to reckoned with in this division.  He might not he get drafted, but be crafty and pick him late.

Bust – WR Andre Johnson.  Whoa, Andre Johnson….stay away! He is done and stealing money from the Titans, move on, please!

Predicted finish


AFC West


Keeper – Defense.  The only D I would draft in the 9th or 10 round. The Broncos only survive on their D this year

Sleeper – Any QB.  Take a chance, but take it waaaaaaaaaay in the late rounds!

Bust – Any QB.  nuff said!

Kansas City

Keeper – TE Travis Kelce.   A poor man’s Gronk.  QB Alex Smith looooves him.  He is a number 3 or 4 TE in Fantasy, grab him in the 6th.

Sleeper – QB Alex Smith.  He has a problem throwing TDs to WRs, but maybe he will change.  Availble in late rounds.

Bust – WRs.  Even with proven WR Jeremy Maclin, the “Chefs”  WRs will probably will not stir it up this year.

Oakland Raiders

Keeper – WR Amari Cooper.  Cooper and QB Derek Carr  are a year older and better, look out NFL!  Get him soon in round 2!

Sleeper – QB Derek Carr.  The much improved Raiders are a year or two away and he is key to the Car(r), groaner!  Round 5.

Bust – RB backups.  Don’t hitch a handcuffs to the unknown RB backups for Oakland (Las Vegas) at the moment, wait instead.

San Diego Chargers

Keeper – QB Phillip Rivers.  I love this “Favre” clone.  He is a classic gunslinger, fearless of what happens.  My personal favorite number two fantasy backup.  Round 4.

Sleeper – WR Travis Benjamin.  Rivers and company will be in biz all year.  Grab this guy late in the 7th.

Bust – TE Antonio Gates.  I hate writing this, because Rivers to Gates has made me happy many a Sunday, but he has to decline, right?

Predicted finish

Kansas City
San Diego

AFC Playoffs

Wild Card

Jacksonville vs Cincinnati
Jets vs Oakland


Cincinnati vs Pittsburgh
Oakland vs New England

AFC Championship

New England vs Pittsburgh

AFC Champ

New England

Super Bowl

New England vs Arizona

The patriots are super PO’d after what has happened, look for Pats and Tom Brady to make history with their fifth championship!

I do admit that I am a lifelong Patriot fan, my mom grew up 30 minutes from Foxboro, and I have been surrounded by the Patriot glory my whole life, so I’m a little biased, but, it’s always a pretty safe pick to go with the Pats!

Wayne Hess graduated from high school 26 years ago and since then has been eligible for the NFL Draft and NBA Draft.  He still waits for his call to the majors.  He has filled his time since then teaching, directing and acting in theatre and being a comic book nerd.