wayne picIt’s a case of the rich and the poor as fantasy football begins its season, as injuries and poor performance have collided with breakout performances and sleepers going wild. Here’s a look at the first week of the season . . .

The Rich

Denver Broncos RB C.J Anderson, in week 1, scoring over 46 (24 points over his projection) points in most leagues. Wasn’t too crazy on the Broncos for Fantasy offense, but they have another dimension, a Fullback.  They will run a lot to keep pressure off QB Trevor Siemian.  Don’t look for Anderson to do this every week.  Consider him a 2 RB.

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady.  He gets to spend 4 extra weeks with his wife super model Giselle Bundchen, before comes back and becomes THE number one fantasy stud at QB, at which point he will scorch the league.

San Diego Chargers RB Melvin Gordon.  This 2nd year RB scored 2 TDs this past weekend after scoring 0 last season.

NY Jets, 7 sacks, 1 Int, while losing to the Cincinnati Bengals

Houston Texans rookie WR Will Fuller, 5 rec 105 yards and a TD, PICK him up!

NYG QB Eli Manning, 3 TDs, 207 yards, and a big win!

Indy QB Andrew Luck, 4 TDs, 385 yards, in a loss.

Detroit QB, Matthew Stafford, 3 TDs, 340 yards and a HUGE win one the road!

Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antoni Brown, and Big Ben, WOW, watch out NFL@

The Poor

The Dallas Cowboys who signed QB Mark Sanchez.  If rookie QB Dak Prescott gets hurt stay away from Mark Sanchez, stay far away. Mark Sanchez, because he is Mark Sanchez. Dallas Cowboys injured QB Tony Romo.  Many are saying he is done

The Minnesota Vikings and QB Teddy Bridgewater.  Teddy must be hurt worse than they are telling us for them to trade so much for QB Sam Bradford.  Bradford is one calamity (like the” BUTT fumble”) away from being on the Mark Sanchez level.   Only pick Bradford up for bye weeks, if there is no other option.

Owners of Atlanta Falcons RB Devante Freeman. Falcons head coach stated, “That he will go with the hot hand between Freeman and RB Tevan Coleman during games. ESPN’s new Sunday morning anchor and future Hall of Famer, Charles Woodson who predicts that  Cleveland Browns WR Terelle Pryor will have 1800 receiving yards this season.

Cleveland Browns – They are so bad that they have to start WR Terelle Pryor.

The Cleveland Browns – look under LOSER in the dictionary

San Diego Chargers WR Keenan Allen, out for the year

Cincinnati Bengals QB Andy Dalton, sacked 7 times by the NY Jets

DA Bears – look under Loser in the Dictionary, they will be near the Cleveland Browns

Detroit WR Golden Tate, 1 rec for 2 yards

The Arizona Cardinals who face the New England Patriots, no Tom Brady, no Gronk, no Rob Ninkovich at home and they lost

The LA Rams.  Jeff Fisher you have a 3-13 team, and you were complaining about possibly being a 7-9.

AND a liitle bit more extra…

Rookie Lookies – Take a peak at  NYG WR Sterling Shephard,  Houston WR Will Fuller, RB Ezekiel Elliot

Deep Sleepers – Bengals WR Tyler Boyd, Patriots WR Chris Hogan,  Chargers WR Travis Benjamin, Chargers RB Danny Woodhead

NE Patriots Jimmy Garroppolo won his first ever start AT the Arizona Cardinals

AND I just can’t help it BUT WHY Tim Tebow?  Why? Why? Why?

Wayne Hess graduated from high school 26 years ago and since then has been eligible for the NFL Draft and NBA Draft.  He still waits for his call to the majors.  He has filled his time since then teaching, directing and acting in theatre and being a comic book nerd.