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Rock Island Selects Parent And Guardian Of The Month Winners

The district’s F.A.C.E (Family and Community Engagement) recognizes parents/guardians who are making a positive impact in our school district and community.

Schools can nominate a parent/guardian who goes above and beyond to support the needs of children, our school, and/or our community. The winner receives a gift card, a bunt cake, and a sign that can be displayed outside their residence.

 Doug and Cathy Mason

Doug and Cathy Mason – RICMS – Rita Entsminger

The Mason’s have gone above and beyond to make sure each classroom their child is in has all needs taken care of. This has gone on for many years here at RICMS. Providing snacks, participating in field trips.

Joli Madsen

Joli Madsen – Eugene Field – Cindy Arkebauer & Angie Brownson

I feel Joli Madsen is very deserving of this award as she is the first one to volunteer her time to help not only her child but all of the students at Eugene Field.  She has been a dedicated volunteer ever since her child was in Kindergarten and he is now in 4th grade.  She is an active member of our PTA, volunteering for numerous projects and activities throughout the year.  Additionally, she has helped our Student Leadership Council with ongoing projects around the school.  Her passion for seeing our school succeed is contagious and invigorating!!  Joli is an amazing volunteer!  She is always chipping in to help in the classroom and for PTA events.  She also will help in ANY way that she is asked.  Joli volunteered in my classroom EVERY week when her son was in my room and she was reliable, dedicated and very flexible.  I wish every parent were as supportive and reliable as Ms. Madsen!!

Maddison Beavers

Maddison Beavers – Thomas Jefferson – Elisha Harksen

Maddison is invested in her children’s education – she attends meetings, makes sure they do homework, attends family events and more. I have had the pleasure of teaching all four of her children and they are all wonderful humans! She is doing a great job and deserves to be recognized!

Rock Island Selects Parent And Guardian Of The Month Winners

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