Congressman Eric Sorensen (IL-17) joined Congresswoman Yadira Caraveo (CO-08) in introducing the Abortion Care Enhancement and Support Services (ACCESS) Act of 2024, a bill that creates a grant program to increase capacity to provide reproductive health care services across the country.  


“In those moments where women have to make incredibly difficult decisions, they deserve access to the best abortion care available, regardless of what state they live in,” said Sorensen. “The ACCESS Act makes sure that hospitals and clinics in states where abortion is legal, like Illinois, have the tools they need to provide the best possible reproductive health care services. As activist judges and partisan politicians continue their attack on reproductive freedoms, it is our job in Congress to expand and protect the right to choose.” 

 “Abortion providers are on the front lines of a public health crisis created by anti-abortion lawmakers. No one should be forced to travel out of state to access the health care they need. We are grateful to Rep. Sorensen for co-sponsoring the Abortion Care Capacity Enhancement and Support Services (ACCESS) Act and for his advocacy to protect access to reproductive health care. This bill is an important step towards ensuring abortion providers in Illinois and across the country can deliver essential time-sensitive health care to people who need it,” said Rianne Hawkins, Senior Director of Public Policy at Planned Parenthood of Illinois and Planned Parenthood Illinois Action. 

Eric Sorensen

Eric Sorensen


The ACCESS Act allows eligible entities (e.g. hospitals, clinics, etc.) to apply for funding to expand their capacity to provide abortion care to serve in-state and out-of-state residents seeking care.  

 Activities under this grant include: 

 Expanding the facility to include more exam, operating, and recovery rooms; 

  • Purchasing medical supplies to provide reproductive health care; 
  • Administering telehealth services, including audio, text, and video messaging; 
  • Contracting or hiring necessary staff and personnel; 
  • Training programs to increase support staff; 
  • Creating accurate and educational patient resources; 
  • Interpretation and translating services; 
  • Referrals and counseling; and 
  • Recovery care. 

 Since his term began, Sorensen has worked to ensure women in every state can safely access abortion treatment without fear of legal charges. He helped introduce the Women’s Health Protection Act to codify the right to access abortion services and the Ensuring Women’s Right to Reproductive Freedom Act, which would protect the constitutional right to travel across state lines to access health care. 

Illinois Congressman Sorensen Helps Introduce Bill to Protect Access to Abortions
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Illinois Congressman Sorensen Helps Introduce Bill to Protect Access to Abortions

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