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‘Moon’ rises over District to start 2016 season

Anyone who has been involved in a play knows that the story backstage is sometimes more compelling than the one being presented on. In the case of “Moon Over Buffalo,” the lines are blurred to hilarious effect.
The District Theatre opens its 2016 season with Ken Ludwig’s popular backstage farce, and District owner and creative director Tristan Tapscott is chuffed with the choice.

“This has been one of my favorites for years. I’m always obsessed with what happens behind the scenes and this is two hours of it!” Tapscott said. “It’s hysterical but also full of heart! We all know these characters…”

The beloved wacky backstage comedy by the author of “Lend me a Tenor” features two aging stars of stage, George and Charlotte Hay, husband and wife, who have been reduced to playing “Cyrano de Bergerac” and “Private Lives” with a cast of five. But they have one last chance to get to Broadway with the anticipated visit of famous director Frank Capra. Their grown daughter Rosalind has brought her fiancée to demonstrate the value of a regular life but she realizes she’s still in love with stage manager Paul. Add Ethel’s nearly deaf and George-hating mother to round out the mayhem.

Directed by District newcomer Heather Schmidt, “Moon” stars Mike Kelly and Nancy Teerlinck as George and Charlotte Hay with District regulars Chris Tracy as Howard, Doug Kutzli as Richard and Sara Kutzli as Eileen. Newcomers to the District stage include Ian Brown as Paul, Alexis Greene as Roz and former local television personality Susan McPeters as Ethel.

Mike Kelly and Nancy Teerlinck goof off in a scene from ‘Moon Over Buffalo.’ Mike Kelly and Nancy Teerlinck goof off in a scene from ‘Moon Over Buffalo.’

“Everyone is bringing it and learning at the same time,” Tapscott said. “That makes for a golden process.”

“Moon” opens Feb. 12 and runs through Feb. 27 with performances on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. Doors open 30 minutes before showtime and all tickets are $20. Reservations can be made by visiting  www.districttheatre.com.

‘Moon’ rises over District to start 2016 season

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