The Establishment Theater has a new tenant — and it’s one that’s familiar to the downtown Rock Island District.
The Center for Living Arts, run by Dino and Tina Hayz at their former home on 4th Avenue in downtown Rock Island for the past 13 years, will spend their 14th and subsequent years at the Establishment Theater, 220 19th Street. The Center takes over the spot from Comedy Sportz, which had been the place’s tenant for the past nine years before moving on.Center For Living Arts Moving Into Establishment Space
Dino announced the move on his facebook page today, posting, “So… we were going to wait and make this a surprise on the Center’s 13th Anniversary next week, but little birds having been singing their songs. We have acquired a new theatre! We will finish up the summer in our original building, but fall classes will be held here at the old Establishment Theatre! Don’t worry, we’re still keeping the old place for the time being! Here’s to season 14 and many more to come!!”
The move makes perfect sense, incorporating an already existing theater troupe, and one already centered in the District with a long history there, into a building which is outfitted to accommodate theatrical productions and events.
Center For Living Arts Moving Into Establishment Space
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Center For Living Arts Moving Into Establishment Space

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