BREAKING NEWS: Thurgood Brooks announced today that he will run for Illinois’ 72nd District state representative seat. Announcing on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Mr. Brooks enters the race with Dr. King’s words in mind “The time is always right to do what is right.”

Thurgood Brooks’ strategic plan for district 72 centers on talent development for existing and green energy economies, creating safe, vibrant, and inclusive cities, and improving access to attractive and affordable housing. Thurgood Brooks is a community builder and organizer who believes deeply in the power of Rock Island County residents to create positive change.

Born and raised in Rock Island, Thurgood is a passionate and dedicated advocate for his community. Thurgood is a graduate of Rock Island  High School and earned a bachelor’s degree from Western Illinois University, majoring in History with a minor in political science.

BREAKING: Thurgood Brooks Announces Candidacy for Illinois’ 72nd District State Representative

Thurgood Brooks

Immediately upon graduating from college, Thurgood returned home to get to work. He has spent his career advocating for youth, businesses, and the development of partnerships for the betterment of our community. Through his work as a Family Advocate at the Martin Luther King Center; football coach for Rock Island High School and the QC Steamwheelers; banker at Wells Fargo; financial representative at Modern Woodmen; member of the Rock Island Human Rights Commission; member of Rock Island County NAACP; member of the School Health Link board; and founder of two communitydriven organizations (Tut Cities Education and Entertainment, and The Resolution), Thurgood has been able to work with community partners to bring people together.

Importantly, he emphasizes collaborating with communities, rather than simply speaking on their behalf. In the spring of 2021, with the help of a 21person volunteer team, Thurgood received 48% of the vote in the Rock Island Mayoral race. In 2021, he was named Rock Island Citizen of the Year, and Community Caring Conference Individual Hero. He also received the 2019 Rock Island County NAACP Youth Development Image award, and the Rock Island Football Assistant Coach of the Year award (the only twotime winner, in 2019 and 2021), among others.

Throughout the spring and summer of 2021, Thurgood worked with the City of Rock Island to establish a Police Community Relations Commission to improve relationships between the police and citizens.

Thurgood Brooks has the vision and will take the action to drive District 72 forward. Let’s Build Together! Learn more by visiting the campaign website at
BREAKING: Thurgood Brooks Announces Candidacy for Illinois’ 72nd District State Representative
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BREAKING: Thurgood Brooks Announces Candidacy for Illinois’ 72nd District State Representative

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