Danger Zone will bring some classic rock to Parkside Grill on May 6!

Danger Zone is a Rock n Roll cover band for anyone who grew up in the 80’s or wish they had…bringing you the best songs of the best decade of music and a party that just doesn’t stop…a collaboration of seasoned musicians from the bands 911, Bonfire, Foreplay, Bad attitude, 90 proof, Hightop Fade and 1st Impression, playing your favorite songs from Journey, REO, The Cars, Billy Idol, Bon Jovi, Poison, Loverboy and Night Ranger to name a few.

Danger Zone will rock Parkside on May 6 from 8pm-Midnight!

Danger Zone Rocks Parkside May 6

Danger Zone Rocks Parkside May 6
Tristan Layne Tapscott has been dubbed the “Quad Cities’ P.T. Barnum” and although the person who initially said it meant it as an insult, he happily accepts the title.
Danger Zone Rocks Parkside May 6

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