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Quad Cities USA - Guide to Davenport & Bettendorf Iowa and Rock Island & Moline Illinois

Rock Island’s Circa ’21 Presents A Wonderful ‘Beauty And The Beast’

June 10th, 2022
Rock Island's Circa '21 Presents A Wonderful 'Beauty And The Beast'

I am not a Disney fan. In fact, quite the opposite. I find most Disney fare to be cloying, predictable, archaic, boring, and tiresome, and the only Disney material I’ve ever really loved has been “Aladdin” (in large part due to Robin Williams’ genie) and “The Jungle Book,” because it holds fond memories from my childhood. I say this to begin this review because if someone like me, someone who is not a Disney fan by any means, and who found the “Beauty And The Beast” movie to be fairly ridiculous aside from the music, if someone like me loved Circa... Read More

REVIEW: Circa’s “Saturday Night Fever” A Brilliant Mix Of Escapism And Coming-Of-Age Tale

July 29th, 2021
REVIEW: Circa's "Saturday Night Fever" A Brilliant Mix Of Escapism And Coming-Of-Age Tale

The economy is in shambles. The world is a mess. Young people feel as if they have little to no hope to achieve the American dream they’ve been promised. And so, for many young people struggling with this realization, escapism is paramount to balancing out their lives and getting them through. Sound familiar? It should, because it certainly describes the world today, particularly for the millenial and Gen Z generations, and, as Circa ’21’s great and gritty musical adaptation of “Saturday Night Fever” displays, there’s a fine line between the blinding dazzle of... Read More