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Quad Cities USA - Guide to Davenport & Bettendorf Iowa and Rock Island & Moline Illinois

Rock Island’s Circa ’21 Debuts Virtual Cabaret Sunday

April 3rd, 2020
Rock Island's Circa '21 Debuts Virtual Cabaret Sunday

Circa ’21 is returning! Well, online at least. The Rock Island dinner theater will return at 7 p.m. Sunday with a virtual cabaret on the Circa ’21 Facebook page. Circa posted the following today: Who’s missed us?! We’ve certainly missed you! We know you can’t go anywhere but that doesn’t mean the entertainment has to stop! Tune in on Sunday to see some of the super talented Bootleggers and other performers belting out some show tunes, playing some classic rock and everything in between in our virtual cabaret! It’s all going to be right here on Facebook! See you Sunday night... Read More

QCCA Expo Center Has A Storied History

January 4th, 2018
QCCA Expo Center Has A Storied History

In a storied history that began as a Sash and Door Works, traveled through time as a notorious Millwork company, was decimated multiple times by fire and then finally rebuilt as the edifice today known as the QCCA Expo Center, the building at 2621 4th Avenue in Rock Island has seen its share of muddled and magnificent local lore. The 60,000 square foot Expo Center features a 4,600 square foot auditorium that has a seating capacity of 500 used for consumer trade shows and special events, including antique shows, auto shows, craft shows, holiday-themed celebrations and more. And in the last 33 years... Read More

`Fancy Nancy’ Gets Circa All Fancied Up For Holiday

November 22nd, 2017
`Fancy Nancy’ Gets Circa All Fancied Up For Holiday

For its first family musical of the 2017-18 season, the Circa ’21 Dinner Playhouse brings a beloved literary figure to life in the area debut of FANCY NANCY SPLENDIFEROUS CHRISTMAS THE MUSICAL, a holiday-themed follow-up to the sweet and hilarious Fancy Nancy: The Musical produced at the theatre in 2015. Based on the storybook by Jane O’Connor, and with its music and lyrics by Matthew Hardy and Randy Klein, this delightful adaptation is sure to thrill kids of all ages, and is being brought to life by a sensational cast of professional talents. Circa ’21 will present show-only... Read More

Learn About ‘Fantastic Beasts,’ Mythological Creatures And More At Spellbound

December 16th, 2016
Learn About ‘Fantastic Beasts,’ Mythological Creatures And More At Spellbound

In the genre of fantasy and enwrapped in the mysteries of our world’s history, there have been mentioning’s of creatures that are not on Earth today. Spanning from Unicorns to Leviathans “mythical” creatures have filled the stories of our childhood and enchanted and thrilled us to imagine and seek the unknown. There is even a science pertaining to researching mythical creatures known as Cryptozoology. On Saturday, Dec.17, 2016 the gift shop known as Spellbound will be holding a class titled “Mythical Creatures.” The cost is $5 at the door or you can register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mythical-creatures-5-at-the-door-tickets-27248428784 Do... Read More

Rock Island needs to build up its downtown, and a Blacklist return would be a good start

May 24th, 2016

The city of Rock Island needs to stop pining like John Cusack lofting a sad boom box of tax incentives outside the window of the richest people in America and instead turn that attention to where their music could really be heard and appreciated – ringing through the streets of its downtown. For months, Rock Island has been panting after a Walmart location on 11th Street, and as most cities do, they have thrown a boatload of incentives at the owners of the chain, the Walton family, who need it about as much as Scrooge McDuck needs another bed of gold bars. Listen, I get it, guys. Walmart is a... Read More