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Forget Kanye, I Am Formally Announcing My 2020 Campaign For President!

July 10th, 2020

Ok, so about 50 percent of you hate Donald Trump. And, about 50 percent of you hate Joe Biden. But, probably about 90 percent of you, whether you like his music or not, think Kanye West is pretty freaking insane. This week, Ye, as the kids like to call him, was more crazy like a fox with the brilliant public relations stunt of announcing he’s going to run for president. Never mind that he hasn’t formally filed to run, and never mind that he’s way past the deadline to do so or be on the ballot in a vast majority of states, so technically, he has no chance. The fact that he announced it at... Read More

John Leguizamo To Endorse Andrew Yang For President Friday

January 23rd, 2020

Award-winning actor John Leguizamo will endorse Andrew Yang for president on Friday, Yang announced Thursday evening during his stop at the LULAC Club in Davenport. The announcement of the award-winning Latino actor endorsing Yang was met with loud applause in the local headquarters of one of the biggest Latino civil rights organizations in the country. Yang didn’t specify when or how the endorsement would be delivered, but said that he was “honored” by it. Leguizamo has been campaigning for Yang and has mentioned his support for him on his social media. Leguizamo has led a long and critically-acclaimed... Read More