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Davenport's Mockingbird Flies In 'Anywhere But Here' Again This Weekend

Davenport’s Mockingbird Flies In ‘Anywhere But Here’ Again This Weekend

This weekend, a new locally-written show, “Anywhere But Here,” debuts at Davenport’s Mockingbird On Main Theatre. It is spring, 2020. Billy Nielson finds himself back in his parents’ home after living independently and individually for several years. At home he and his parents, with their next door neighbors and lifetime friends, learn how to cohabitate […]

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Iowa's Mockingbird On Main Holding Auditions For 'Their Town' Tomorrow

Iowa’s Mockingbird On Main Holding Auditions For ‘Their Town’ Tomorrow

The Mockingbird On Main will hold auditions for Alexander Richardson’s Their Town on Saturday, June 25 at 11am at their venue located at 320 North Main Street in Downtown Davenport. Their Town, previously presented with an earlier draft of the script at Playcrafters Barn Theatre, concerns a small town in a fly-over state whose residents experience life, love, […]

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