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Davenport’s Mockingbird On Main Opens ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ This Weekend

The Mockingbird On Main will open its 2023 season with the award winning “Driving Miss Daisy” By Alfred Uhry with shows this weekend and Feb. 24-25.

The Pulitzer Prize and Academy Award winning “Driving Miss Daisy” is set in Atlanta and spans twenty-five years, from 1948 to 1973. When Daisy Wertham, a stubborn, elderly Southern widow, crashes her new car into the neighbor’s garage, her son, Boolie, forces her to take on a chauffeur. He employs Hoke Coleburn, much to her chagrin. At first, Daisy refuses to rely on a black man to get her from one place to the next and Hoke spends two weeks sitting in the kitchen doing nothing. Gradually, however, Daisy’s prejudices are broken down and, against all odds, he becomes her best friend. Daisy teaches Hoke to read and write, while Hoke encourages Daisy to let go of her insecurities. Alfred Uhry’s delicate drama explores the experience of aging while the world around you moves forwards at great pace.

Davenport's Mockingbird On Main Opens 'Driving Miss Daisy' This Weekend
Directed by Jeremy Littlejohn, “Driving Miss Daisy” stars Shelley Walljasper as Daisy, Bradley Heinrichs as Boolie, and Joseph Obleton as Hoke.

“Driving Miss Daisy” will open on February 17 with performances held on February 18, 24, 25 at 8pm. Doors open at 7:30pm. The Mockingbird operates under a Pay What You Can model in an effort to make theatre accessible to everyone.

Learn more: TheMockingbirdOnMain.com

Davenport's Mockingbird On Main Opens 'Driving Miss Daisy' This Weekend

Davenport's Mockingbird On Main Opens 'Driving Miss Daisy' This Weekend

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