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Did Chinese Scientists Build A ‘Terminator 2’ Style Liquid Robot?

January 27th, 2023
Did Chinese Scientists Build A 'Terminator 2' Style Liquid Robot?

How many times do we have to flirt with disaster? How many times does God have to shake his head at us and wonder why we do stupid things? How many times do our scientists have to mess around with something potentially deadly and awful, in the ostensible name of doing something good, knowing full well that it could go very, very, wrong? Well, hot off of reports that there may have been a cover-up of Terminator-like robots killing a bunch of scientists in Japan, we’ve got the news that scientists at The Chinese University of Hong Kong have designed human-shaped robots made of liquid metal, just... Read More

This Franchise is Terminated

November 10th, 2019
This Franchise is Terminated

Sometimes it feels like franchises never end. There’s a bunch of films in the Fast and Furious series, the James Bond movies have been trucking along since 1962, and the MCU will end at roughly the same time that our sun goes supernova and wipes out all human life on our fragile planet. But franchises end. Consider the little-remembered Francis the Talking Mule series. Based on a 1946 novel, seven films were made during the 1950s about a mule in the Army that could talk. Presumably, they were profitable—for a while, anyway. As time went on, audiences either a) searched for new diversions in... Read More