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REVIEW: Circa ’21’s ‘Seussical’ Is A Wonderfully Colorful Show For The Whole Family

December 10th, 2021
REVIEW: Circa '21's 'Seussical' Is A Wonderfully Colorful Show For The Whole Family

Exploding with vibrant costuming and swirling with clever choreography, Circa ‘21’s enchanting “Seussical” is an absolutely wonderful show for the whole family. Full of energy and charged with a talented and exuberant cast, it nicely captures the spirit and buoyancy of Dr. Seuss’ work and briskly unspools a smart tale germane to today while avoiding a heavy hand. “Seussical” revolves around a little girl, JoJo (Ellerie Hurley), who lives a rather banal but generally pleasant life with her straight arrow parents in a grey town. However, JoJo dreams of bigger things, and wishes for... Read More

Circa’s ‘Elf’ Is A Cute Holiday Treat

November 22nd, 2019
Circa’s ‘Elf’ Is A Cute Holiday Treat

Circa ‘21’s “Elf” is a cute, fun holiday concoction, and was eaten up and greeted with smiles like Christmas cookies the night I saw it. With a fun live take on the blockbuster holiday film, a fantastic cast, wonderful sets and costumes and a terrific star giving it the perfect tone of goofiness and levity, it’s excellent holiday fare. There are flaws to the show, to be sure, but “Elf” is like winter’s first snowflake – you greet it with a smile, it reminds you of Christmas cheer, and you don’t want to put too much thought into it or it’ll ruin the moment. Sure, there are... Read More