Two of the more ambitious and promising projects Scott Beck and Bryan Woods embarked upon before hitting it big with “A Quiet Place” and “Haunt” were “Nightlight” and “Spread.”

“Spread” was a proposed series for MTV which involved a deadly virus overtaking the world in apocalyptic fashion. It featured local actor Justin Marxen, who also starred in a number of their earlier films and stars in the new “Haunt.”

You can check out a couple of the promos for “Spread” here:


“Nightlight” was a found footage style movie finished in 2016 that was picked up for distribution by LionsGate.
You can check out the preview here:

Looking At The Promise of Beck and Woods on 'Nightlight,' 'Spread'
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Looking At The Promise of Beck and Woods on 'Nightlight,' 'Spread'

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