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  1. MDOT with Celtic Honey Modern Day Overthinker 1:33:04

Celtic Honey is a traveling independent performer specializing in burlesque, draglesque, Kung Fu. She also guests at anime and comic cons and holds panels on props, Avatar, body painting and makeup, and the most important topic, consent.

On this episode of the Modern Day Overthinker podcast, Collin sits down with the multifaceted performer and artist, Celtic Honey Celtic, known for her captivating presence in the realms of burlesque, cosplay, and beyond. Celtic Honey opens up about her journey into the world of performance art, highlighting her passion for cosplay, her experiences as a burlesque performer, and her dedication to advocating for mental health and consent culture within the creative community. Through her story, we explore the therapeutic power of art, the challenges of maintaining balance amidst burnout, and the importance of embracing one’s authentic self. Join us as Celtic Honey shares insights into her creative process, the significance of therapy in her life, and her mission to empower others through her work and advocacy. 

Celtic’s many links: https://linktr.ee/celtichoney

MDOT with Celtic Honey
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