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  1. MDOT with Bailee Huether Modern Day Overthinker 58:17

In this episode of the “Modern Day Overthinker” podcast, host Collin Strajack talks with guest Bailee Huethert about personal struggles and recovery, particularly in the context of addiction.

Bailee shares her journey into recovery, which began unexpectedly during a work trip away from familiar support structures, leading her to her first recovery meeting. She delves into the challenges of recovery, emphasizing the difference between mere abstinence and true recovery, a distinction highlighted by her father’s insights.

A significant part of the conversation focuses on Bailee’s battles with mental health issues, including severe depression diagnosed from a young age, and her complex relationship with her mother, which feeds into her complex PTSD. She discusses the importance of support systems and being truthful in therapeutic settings to truly benefit from them.

Bailee and Collin also touch upon lighter topics, such as gaming and living arrangements, providing a break from the more intense themes of addiction and recovery. They discuss the impact of COVID-19 on personal relationships and the commonality of coping mechanisms that people often adopt in stressful times.

Towards the end of the podcast, there’s a shift towards a discussion of faith and spirituality. Bailee expresses a nuanced view on organized religion, suggesting that while it does not currently meet her needs, she recognizes its value for others and does not completely close off the possibility of it playing a role in her future.

Overall, this episode of the podcast offers a deep dive into the challenges and nuances of personal recovery and mental health, balanced with everyday realities and a touch of humor, providing a comprehensive and relatable discussion for listeners.

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MDOT with Bailee Huether
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