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April 8th, 2024 Mature Content

MDOT with Collin Strajack (Host)

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  1. MDOT with Collin Strajack (Host) Modern Day Overthinker 40:33

In a candid and heartfelt episode of the Modern Day Overthinker podcast, host Collin Strajack opens up about his recent struggles with OCD, anxiety, and depression, shedding light on the inner turmoil that led to a hiatus from the podcast. Collin delves into the challenging OCD loops that trapped him, detailing the compulsive behaviors that disrupted his ability to post episodes and the mental battles that ensued. Despite significant personal achievements, such as receiving a promotion at work and deepening his faith, Collin faced overwhelming anxiety that led him to consider serious measures for his mental health.

Collin’s story is one of resilience in the face of mental health challenges. He discusses his journey with therapy, the importance of not avoiding problems, and how his OCD, termed the “doubt disorder,” impacts his life by attacking his values and causing him to question his actions and thoughts. This episode is a frank discussion about the reality of living with OCD, including the intrusive thoughts and compulsions that characterize the disorder, and the constant battle with self-doubt and the fear of not being good enough.

Throughout the episode, Collin emphasizes the importance of seeking help, the power of small victories, and the role of faith and community in his recovery process. He shares his experiences with substance abuse recovery, the significance of fellowship, and how being open and vulnerable has helped him connect with others. Collin also explores his passion for comedy as a form of expression and healing, the impact of his mental health on his relationships and self-image, and his decision to try ketamine-assisted psychotherapy as a new avenue for treatment.

The podcast episode is not just a personal narrative but a message of hope and encouragement for others facing similar struggles. Collin encourages listeners to reach out for help, to set small, achievable goals, and to remember that dark periods do not last forever. He highlights the importance of community, checking in with oneself and others, and continuing to pursue one’s passions and goals despite the challenges posed by mental health issues.

This podcast description was written by AI, not me. -Collin

I hope you enjoyed this episode and if just one person got some hope from it, that’s a win for me. 

www.moderndayoverthinker.com for all the links

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