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  1. Season 2 | Episode 8 - Misunderstood Wrightwood Studios 29:21

Bianca can’t shake the feeling something bad is about to happen. Sick of waiting, the gang makes a plan to get tackle things head on but nothing is ever that easy in Meteor City. 

This episode’s artist was Regina Del Carmen

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Meteor City is a Wrightwood Studios production. 

In this episode, you heard:

Daisy Guevara as Bianca Diaz

Jarred Worley as Wes Cambell

Alex Hammet as RJ Taylor

Madelyn Dorta as Krystal Mendoza

Nadia Marshall as Dr. Nikita Patel

Ernesto Valentin as Malcolm Diaz

Sam Kim as Dr. Antoine Kim 

Lewis Knudsen as Eli Cain 

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Season 2 | Episode 8 - Misunderstood
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