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August 21st, 2023 Mature Content

Season 2 | Episode 9 – Inhalation

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  1. Season 2 | Episode 9 - Inhalation Wrightwood Studios 43:13

Bianca lays it all out for her audience but when the truth is freed, will they believe her?

Desperation makes people do reckless things, no one knows that better than in Meteor City. How far would you go for the truth, to find what was taken from you? 

In this episode, you heard:

Daisy Guevara as Bianca Diaz

Shaundria Cambell as Dee

Ernesto Valentin as Malcolm Diaz

Jarred Worley as Wes Cambell

Alex Hammett as RJ Taylor

Sam Kim as Dr. Antoine Kim

Marion Toro as Dr. Cora Kim

Elijah Gabriel as Deon

Alexandra Mari as Alexandra Nunez

Edson Camacho as Bobby Miller


This episode’s featured artist was Lewis Knudsen, listen here 

Meteor City is a Wrightwood Studios production 

Written and Directed by Madelyn Dorta

and Produced by Ernesto Valentine and Angel Dorta

 Follow us on Twitter and Instagram at meteorcitypod

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