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Meteor City

Wrightwood Studios

Meteor City is an alternate history sci-fi audio drama. In 2008, a freak meteor shower hit Detroit, killing hundreds and displacing thousands. Bianca Diaz, a vlogger returns to Detroit, nearly a decade after fleeing with her mother, after the death of her brother and father. Wanting a change of pace, Bianca decided to come back home for the 10 year anniversary, to tell the stories of the dead, the missing, and the remaining citizens of Meteor City.

Shortly after returning, Bianca realizes that Meteor City, New Detroit, and the people left behind are not what they appear to be. One frustrating question after another leads Bianca to the truth.

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Mature Content

This episode's featured artist was Regina Del Carmen  Bianca feels haunted by everything that is happening around her and it begins taking its toll. Plus, the Diaz siblings are in for an overdue...

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After getting caught in the act, Bianca distances herself from Trina.  Featured in this episode: Daisy Guevara as Bianca Diaz Cole Burkhardt as Trina  Music by Ahzia  Stream Ahzia on Spotify - ...

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Desperado takes place in a world almost like ours, if myths and witchcraft were alive and thriving. The story is told by 3 characters, each chosen by the god of Death of their respective culture, as...

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