Paintings by Holly Kimball & Brad Bisbey, with wood sculptures by Jay Stratton will be exhibited at Quad City Arts Gallery, Rock Island Feb. 2-March 23.

There’s an opening reception from 7 to 9 p.m. Feb. 2 at the gallery, in the District, Rock Island. The event is free.

In our fast paced world, it’s important to take time to appreciate the simple beauty of locally created art. On exhibit from February 2nd through March 23rd, 2017, will be simplistic and calming paintings by Holly Kimball of Galesburg, IL and Brad Bisbey of Moline, IL, with awe inspiring wood sculptures and furniture by Jay Stratton of Bettendorf.

Holly Kimball present’s “Nuances: Paintings and Drawings.”  Kimball’s work is fresh and vibrant and her depiction of nature, specifically, lily pads, is soulful, and sensitive.  She interplays background and foreground for a sense of mystery and subtlety within the graceful, fluid motion of the broken strokes and soft edges.

Simple Beauty Of Our World Celebrated in QC Arts Exhibit

Brad Bisbey’s gestural landscapes and portraits are impressionistic in style. Bisbey seeks to bring out the spontaneity of the moment when painting; to describe not only what he is seeing but how he feels about what he is seeing. He feels that if he doesn’t have an emotional response to the subject, no one else would respond either.

Jay Stratton creates highly figural wood sculptures that twist and turn up to 6’ tall!  He also creates artistic wood furniture including tables, stools, and lidded vessels, proving that beautiful art can be functional. Stratton applies his woodworking skills in local churches, homes and offices on a grander scale than his gallery pieces.

Take time to slow down and relax in our gallery while this exhibit is on display until March 23rd.

Simple Beauty Of Our World Celebrated in QC Arts Exhibit
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Simple Beauty Of Our World Celebrated in QC Arts Exhibit

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