heidi-brandt-and-dee-schrickerDee Schricker and Heidi Brandt will be celebrating 10 years of exhibiting their art at Bucktown. Both artists started by renting an 8’ x 12’ wall space in one of the first galleries at Bucktown. They were outgrowing their exhibit area so Dee rented a gallery that became available and offered Heidi space. Dee has since leased four galleries at Bucktown, two being co-owned with Heidi. They currently own and operate the Boho Chic Gallery offering contemporary art for home and office.

The artists will hold a ribbon cutting Friday at 5:30, Sept. 30 followed by an open house from 6 to 9 p.m. The gallery is located on the first floor of Bucktown Center for the Arts. For questions or comments, contact Heidi Brandt at 563-386-0963.

Bucktown Center for the Arts is supported by Midcoast Fine Arts, an organization stimulating our community’s cultural and economic vitality through the support of regional visual arts and artists. To learn more about Bucktown visit www.bucktownarts.com or Midcoast Fine Arts, see www.midcoast.org.

Artists celebrate 10 years at Bucktown Center for the Arts
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Artists celebrate 10 years at Bucktown Center for the Arts

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