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Blacklist is on the move for the summer!

blacklistThe premiere adult, uncensored, and unapologetic improv troupe in the Quad Cities, The Blacklist is taking their summer into their own hands!

It was recently announced that the Backroom Comedy Theater which has been home to the “bad boys of improv” since January of 2015 will be closing for the summer season. However Blacklist fans should not be worried! “The Father of the Blacklist,” George Strader has announced that the company will be producing a Summer Show Series across the Quad-Cities in the coming months.

“We will be bringing together bands and comedy (both standup and improv) all over the Quad-Cities,” said Strader,  “surprising fans with shows at venues all over the QC.”

Since the move to Davenport early last year the troupe formerly housed at the Circa 21 Speakeasy in Rock Island has often said they miss their Rock Island fans and would love to return. These feelings of nostalgia led to a recent show at RIBCO in the District of Rock Island, which was warmly received.

“Seeing new and old friends was a big prompt for us to make the decision to branch out and search for something new. This will be the first time we have taken the risk of leaving a venue without a concrete home but it’s a risk our fans have inspired us is worth taking.” Strader revealed.

While the search for the perfect venue is now underway Strader, and the rest of the Blacklist are optimistic that the journey will be a fun one.

Several venues have already eagerly signed on to house Blacklist shows all across the Quad-Cities. The list of scheduled venues includes Front Street Brewery, Icons, Theo’s Java Club, and Bierstube to name a few.

Strader concluded, “What’s nice is having so many options and so many people who want to have us. We offer that diversified entertainment and I think a lot of places are excited to team with us because of that.”

Over the last six years, The Blacklist has been known throughout the Quad-Cities for their unique style and nasty humor and there are no signs of them slowing down! To follow The Blacklist’s journey you can find them of Facebook, or their website www.BlacklistComedy.com for details.

Blacklist is on the move for the summer!

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Joshua Kahn is one of the most recognizable names in the Quad City Entertainment scene. The host of Bottoms Up Quad City Burlesque, comedian for ComedySportz Quad Cities and The Blacklist Theater Company. He has also produced several live standup comedy showcases as well as launched a comedy web series, “Against the Odds.”

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