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Doc Gives Tribute To Mac’s Tavern In Davenport, Celebrating Its 89th Anniversary

Roughly 89 years ago Macstavern Davenport , opened in the heart of Downtown Davenport.
What’s amazing is that minus the 30 cent dinner plates not much has changed. The tile floors, the vaulted ceilings the beautiful bar, and the warm invite is still there. On any given day you can stop in for a bite to eat, a pint to drink, or just a spot to sit down and rest your weary soul. I promise you, that you won’t leave thirsty, hungry or sad.
Owners Gary and Sasha Rowland took on the task of care taking Mac’s Tavern almost 30 years now. I say that with endearment, something as iconic as this establishment is bigger than any one owner. What Gary and Sasha have done is nothing short of amazing. Through the last couple of years, while some businesses have fallen, Mac’s has found a way to keep serving the Quad Cities in more ways than just great food, amazing drinks and what I say are the best wings in the game.
Doc Gives Tribute To Mac's Tavern In Davenport, Celebrating Its 89th Anniversary

A delicious burger at Mac’s

Over the next month, I will be bring you my favorite dishes and maybe a few drinks as well. While we are at it, let’s meet the crew as well. When they aren’t supporting the Veteran community, they are passionate about the pups as well.
Today, let’s talk about the namesake burger…
The McLaughlin Stuffed Burger. A 1/2 pound Black Angus Burger on a Brioche Bun stuffed with your choice of any 2 toppings such as, Carmalized Onions, Bleu Cheese, Peppered Bacon, Roasted Red Peppers, Jalapeños, Smoked Gouda, American Cheese, Swiss, Pepper Jack, or Cheddar Cheese. Named after Bill “Mac” McLaughlin this burger pays homage to the throwback style of cooking with everything in the kitchen.
I choose the Carmalized Onions and Roasted Red Peppers, with onion rings on the side with a Balsamic drizzle. Each bite was a little bit of heaven. 9.75/10.
Doc Gives Tribute To Mac's Tavern In Davenport, Celebrating Its 89th Anniversary

Mac’s has been a downtown Davenport mainstay for 89 years.

Next week we are tackling the wings and maybe a couple signature cocktails with my favorite bartender Pete, if you haven’t seen or met Pete it’s because the man never stops moving. The only way he could move faster for his guest is with the pair of roller skates I plan on getting him.
As always your friend in food,
Leo “Doc” Kaalberg
This post is part of our series promoting Rescued . I can’t thank Mac’s enough for joining me in giving back to the efforts to provide our community with assistance on emergency last chance funding on vet bills provided by Rescued.
Doc Gives Tribute To Mac's Tavern In Davenport, Celebrating Its 89th Anniversary

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Doc Kaalberg is a local QC Native of 35 years. He has traveled the world, and found himself at home here. He served with the famed 1st Infantry Division as a Combat Medic and after being wounded in combat retired to Moline, Illinois. Doc spends his spare time blogging and writing food reviews for the local QC food scene.

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