Blue Cat Sold, Closing For Remodel In Two Weeks EXCLUSIVE – Rock Island’s Blue Cat Brew Pub, one of the first brew pubs opened in the Quad-Cities in 1994, has been sold, sources that asked not to be identified said Friday.

The restaurant and brewery, in the heart of the District, at 113 18th St., was sold to an unnamed buyer this week and will be closed down two weeks from now, the source noted. The pub will not be closed for good and will instead be shut for “a significant remodeling,” the source said.

“From what I hear, they’re going to put a lot of money into it and it’s going to look really cool,” the source added.

A grand re-opening will be slated for later this fall after the remodel.

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Blue Cat Sold, Closing For Remodel In Two Weeks
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Blue Cat Sold, Closing For Remodel In Two Weeks

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