The Big Swing Brewing Company, located in the spot of the former Blue Cat Brew Pub at 113 8th St., Rock Island, will be opening in March prior to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, sources say.
The new owners of The Big Swing are local real estate developers John Timmer, Shane Scott and Jon McAtee. The trio are the creative and financial force behind the new Backyard Bowl and Abides Bar, in the old Milan Lanes building, 2020 1st St. W, Milan.
Big Swing Swinging Into Rock Island In March
Some members of the Blue Cat staff will be moving to the Big Swing, so Cat fans can expect to see some familiar faces. It’s still up in the air as to what Blue Cat menu items will be kept around beyond its demise. Brew master Dan Cleaveland will remain on staff for at least a year with the new venue, bringing his 60-plus beer recipes with him, so the chances of the BC brews still popping up in the new spot are high. According to sources, the menu will feature some old favorites from Blue Cat along with some new items that mirror those on the menu at Backyard Bowl, and some other surprises.
There will also be “a definite nod to the history of the Blue Cat” within the décor and atmosphere, sources said. There are also additional potential plans in store, which cannot be revealed at this time, but which will soon be reported here on
The restaurant and brewery, in the heart of the District, at 113 18th St., was one of the first brew pubs in the Quad-Cities, opening in 1994. It blazed the trail for many other pubs of its ilk and visual style, and includes an eclectic menu of intriguing food and beverages.
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Big Swing Swinging Into Rock Island In March
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Big Swing Swinging Into Rock Island In March

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