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Lasting Legacy of Jenny McNeal from East Moline

February 15th, 2021
Lasting Legacy of Jenny McNeal from East Moline

Obituary for Jennifer (Jenny) McNeal of East Moline, IL QuadCities.com does not usually publish obituaries, but makes occasional exceptions in special cases where we have a close relationship and feel a strong desire to share a story of someone who touched our lives in a profound way. Today, I mourn the loss of my beloved sister, Jenny McNeal, who passed away this past Friday evening. I’ll begin by including the family’s officially released obituary to facilitate you quickly learning the general details about her and her upcoming service. Jennifer Joy McNeal, 74, of East Moline, IL,... Read More

Primer on TV Entertainment and Streaming

March 15th, 2020
Lasting Legacy of Jenny McNeal from East Moline

This week has brought an unprecedented number of cancellations for sporting events, concerts, conferences and a growing list of other forms of entertainment and gatherings. Employees are being sent home to work remotely, schools are being closed to students, more are staying home to watch kids and others are self-quarantining to avoid or recover from Coronavirus (COVID-19). With so many forced to stay home for these reasons, or just to avoid contagion, it seemed time to start a new column on Home Entertainment Trends. Most people are familiar with standard TV programming broadcast over the airwaves... Read More