We are excited to announce our auditions for Tuck Everlasting!!

What would you do if you had all eternity?

Eleven-year-old Winnie Foster yearns for a life of adventure beyond her white picket fence, but not until she becomes unexpectedly entwined with the Tuck Family does she get more than she could have imagined. When Winnie learns of the magic behind the Tuck’s unending youth, she must fight to protect their secret from those who would do anything for a chance at eternal life. As her adventure unfolds, Winnie faces an extraordinary choice: return to her life, or continue with the Tucks on their infinite journey.

Based on best-selling children’s classic by Natalie Babbitt and adapted for the stage by Claudia Shear and Tim Federle, Tuck Everlasting features a soaring score from Chris Miller and Nathan Tysen.

****ALL ROLES AVAILABLE!! We HIGHLY encourage ALL ethnicities and backgrounds to audition! ALL ARE WELCOME!!!

Audition Dates/Times:

February 11th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

February 12th from 12pm to 2pm

*Callbacks (if needed) are Sunday, February 13th at noon

**You may come at any point during the audition time slot. We will not require sign ups for this audition.

Audition requirements:

*Must be at least 11 years old at the time of auditions.

Please bring a prepared 16-32 bar song of your choice in the style of contemporary Broadway or a folk song. An accompanist will be provided so please be sure to mark your music so it is easy to read. You may also bring in a track to sing along with if that is more comfortable. We will have a blue tooth speaker available.

Please wear or bring comfortable clothes and appropriate shoes for the dance call. You will learn a short combo to be performed in a small group in front of the production staff.

Rehearsal Schedule:
Rehearsals begin Monday, April 18th and will run Monday-Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
*Conflicts will be accepted for rehearsal dates; however; an excessive amount of conflicts with rehearsal times may impact casting decisions

Tech Rehearsal Schedule:
Friday, May 27th at 6pm and then Monday-Thursday, May 30th-June 2nd starting at 6pm each evening

*No conflicts will be accepted for tech rehearsals, these are mandatory for all cast members

*Mandatory pickup rehearsal on June 9th

June 3, 4, 10, 11 @ 7pm
June 5th and 12th @2pm

Audition Form:
Here is a link to the audition form that we will have available at auditions if you would like to print it and fill it out prior to your audition:


Character Breakdown:

Female, to play 11. A little girl without cuteness – she has lost her father. She is too skeptical for her age, but with an unknown longing for romance and adventure.

Male, to play 17. Light and laughing, he is eternal youth writ large, the lightness shown all the brighter for the shadow of loneliness that he has. Pop tenor.

Male, 23. A burned and bitter man. His natural sweetness shut away. Lost his wife and child, doomed to live with regret. Baritenor.

Female, 40s. Still beautiful after all these years, a matriarch, a mother, a wife. Her homespun wisdom is leavened by her humor and still girlish delight.

Male, 40’s. Once awakened, a vibrant, virile man. He is an indulgent father, a fond if forgetful husband, but a true soul with a deep well of love and profound understanding of the life around him.

Male, 60’s. Creepy and persuasive, a man with an obsession, a secret.

Male, to play 17. Painfully shy, awkward and goofy; but smart and eerily observant

Male, 60’s. Seemingly a buffoon, his simple manner belies a sharp wit and kind heart.

Female, 30’s. A gentle woman almost broken by grief and fear and loss. Adversity finds her brave and unbending.

Female, 60. A loopy old woman, but a loving Grandmother and Mother.

Featured Dancers

Ensemble/Understudies (New Hampshire Town Members, Fair Performers/Vendors, Musicians, Etc.)

Production Staff:

Producers: Brent and Sara Tubbs

Director: Becca Johnson

Music Director: Mason Moss

Choreographer: Bethany Sanders

Stage Manager: Kat McKinley

Costume Designer: Heather Blair

Props: Sarah Greim

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to reach out! You may email us at inf@thespotlighttheatreqc.com or call us at 309-912-7647.

Break a leg and we look forward to seeing you soon!!!

Tuck Everlasting Auditions Slated for February 11 and 12th

Tuck Everlasting Auditions Slated for February 11 and 12th
Tristan Layne Tapscott has been dubbed the “Quad Cities’ P.T. Barnum” and although the person who initially said it meant it as an insult, he happily accepts the title.
Tuck Everlasting Auditions Slated for February 11 and 12th

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