Quad Cities Bicycle Club is riding their bikes for a cause — doing a benefit ride to raise awareness about opening the Riverdale trail Friday, October 2, from 4:00 PM -5:30 PM, weather permitting. The ride Starts in Riverdale at the parking lot on South Bellingham Street.

Come show your support to open the gate that connects South Kensington Street to the Mississippi River Trail. Take a 1.9-mile loop around Riverdale with the Quad Cities Bicycle Club. This event is designed to ride, walk, or run at your own pace anytime during the posted tour Quad Cities Bicycle Club Doing Benefit Ride To Open Riverdale Trailtimes. Talk to the frontline advocates to discuss your concerns about the closed trail connector. Invite your friends to see firsthand the “gate” that has caused so much commotion. Then enjoy fun and conversation at “My Place”, Riverdale’s neighborhood pub.

A donation of $10 or more at the start of the event will get you a chance to win a raffle basket containing a 2020 Tour de Brew QC Jersey, TOMRV T-shirt, Water Bottle, and $50 Healthy Habits Gift Card. All donations will be used to pay ongoing legal expenses to open the gate.

This is not a Critical Mass event and our route does not include South Kensington Street. We will be respectful of all Riverdale residents and businesses. Volunteers will be on hand to help you navigate the route.
South on MRT (Mississippi River Trail) along South Bellingham Street
Cross South Bellingham Street, remaining on the MRT
See gate on north side of MRT at base of South Kensington Street
After crossing Duck Creek Bridge, turn Right onto 42nd Street
Turn Right onto grass paralleling US Highway 67, cross Duck Creek bridge. Do not ride on US Highway 67.
Turn Right at South Kensington Street and again onto Duck Creek Trail (DCT)
Follow DCT under US Highway 67 and turn Sharp Right onto sidewalk leading to Brenny’s Motorcycle.

Carefully cross US Highway 67 to starting point.


Riverdale’s City Council voted unanimously on June 9 to erect a locked gate on the South Kensington Street connector to the Mississippi River Trail “because residents of the city have expressed concern with bicycle and pedestrian traffic in Haven’s Acres since the Mississippi River Trail was extended through the City”.  Riverdale’s decision forces all trail users to cross U.S. Highway 67 instead of under it when connecting to and from the MRT and the Duck Creek Trail.  Their decision also forces some trail users to use a non-suitable route from the Duck Creek Trail to Brenny’s Motorcycle store to cross US Highway 67.

The Quad Cities Bicycle Club and Cornbelt Running Club have joined forces to find a way to re-open the connector between the Mississippi River Trail and South Kensington Street in Riverdale.  We have hired an attorney, John Flynn, to determine if there are any legal options.  Together we are spending $2500 and need your support to pay additional legal-related fees.

Every dollar raised will be used to pay our attorney, obtain documents and any other legal costs to determine if we have any options to re-open the safest route from the MRT to the Duck Creek Trail.  Any funds that we do not use will be equally donated by both clubs to cycling and running.

Quad Cities Bicycle Club Doing Benefit Ride To Open Riverdale Trail
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Quad Cities Bicycle Club Doing Benefit Ride To Open Riverdale Trail

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