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Playcrafters needs YOU on stage!

Playcrafters Barn Theatre will be casting RABBIT HOLE January 8 and 9!

Rabbit Hole

By David Lindsay-Abaire

Directed by Jaclyn Marta

Audition Times:

January 8th 2-4PM

January 9th 4-6PM

Performance Times:

March 18-20, March 25-27

Friday & Saturday 7:30PM and Sunday 3PM

Rehearsal Schedule:

Rehearsals will begin in February and will be scheduled based on actors’ availability.

Show Description:

We follow the aftermath of a horrible tragedy- a young child’s death. We watch how this seemingly picture-perfect family is going through the grieving process, as well as how death impacts everyone involved- the grandmother, the aunt, the parents, and the accidental perpetrator, and how we try and find peace when the unthinkable happens

Casting Requirements:

Becca: (30s-40s) is the mother of the dead child. Becca is clearly not processing the trauma, choosing to try and shut it out. She should have a certain upper-middle-class, dignified air to her. She can often appear to be cold, uncaring, and thoughtless. However, we get glimpses of how deep her pain is, as well as how sad she truly is. Becca needs to not be afraid to be a bit unlikable; however, towards the end of the play, we get a clearer idea of who she really is, as well as how much she loved her son. Becca is a very demanding show, with very little time offstage.

Howie: (30s-40s) is the father of the dead child. Howie is clearly the more outwardly caring of the two parents. He is much clearer with how this tragedy has impacted him and he really wants to go through the grieving process with Becca even though she doesn’t- a constant source of tension in their household. He puts on a good face and comes off in general as kind, but we see in secret how sad he is and how much he still blames himself. Howie has moments of great anger, deep sadness, loving, kindness, and patience.

Note: the roles of Izzy, Nat, and Jason have already been cast

All races and ethnicities are encouraged to audition.

Learn more when you visit Playcrafters.com!

Playcrafters needs YOU on stage!

Playcrafters needs YOU on stage!

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