There’s not going to be any more brew at the ‘bou after this fall.

Moline Caribou Coffee Closing Down Nov. 15Caribou Coffee, one of my favorite local coffee shops, will be closing their only Quad-Cities location inside the Moline HyVee on John Deere Road next month. The store posted a note this week, stating the following: “Unfortunately, Caribou Coffee will be closing Nov. 15 due to a store remodel.”

Patrons of the distinct and delicious coffee and drinks have until Oct. 29 to order any retail items (e.g. bags of coffee, syrups) in order for Caribou to have them before the store closing on Nov. 15. Patrons also have to use up all of their bonus drink points by then.

According to managers at the HyVee, the decision was made due to a massive remodeling taking place within the store, and that the floral department was being expanded to include the Caribou space.

Unlike some HyVees, there will not be a Starbucks going into the location, as there are two Starbucks outlets within short walking distance of the location, one inside the Target down the strip mall, and the other across the street in the Trinity parking lot.

I’ll be very sad to see Caribou go. Get your drinks now while you can.

Moline Caribou Coffee Closing Down Nov. 15

Moline Caribou Coffee Closing Down Nov. 15

Moline Caribou Coffee Closing Down Nov. 15
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Moline Caribou Coffee Closing Down Nov. 15

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