QuadCities.com is happy to partner with Quad City Animal Welfare Center, 724 2nd W. Ave., Milan! Interested in adopting a pet? Check out our Pet of the Week every Monday!

The QCAWC Wish List Tree is decorated and ready for the holiday season at the Hy-Vee in Milan! As soon as you walk in the door, at the Milan Hy-Vee, you will see the QCAWC/Hy-Vee Wish List Tree decorated with Christmas tag ornaments. Each tag ornament has item(s) from the QCAWC/Hy-Vee Wish List that can be purchased while you are shopping in the store. Purchase items, leave them in the decorated cart next to the tree, and a QCAWC team member will stop by and pick them up! Thank you and Happy Holidays!

The Milan Hy-Vee is located at 201 10th Avenue W in Milan, IL. https://qcawc.org/how-to-help/qcawc-hy-vee-wish-list-tree

Today’s Pet of the Week is Avie! Our vet, Dr. Stacia thinks he’s very special!

Meet Our Latest Pet Of The Week... Avie!

Also, a few holiday tips for pet families:

Don’t let your holiday dinner go to the dogs and end up making an unexpected trip to the Animal Emergency Center.

Foods from your holiday table could be dangerous for your pets: Onions, chives, garlic, grapes, macadamia nuts, raisins, salt, and walnuts to just name a few. Fatty and heavily spiced foods can cause major tummy upset. Its best to keep your plate on the table, not under the table, and don’t forget you will need to remind your children and guests.
Bones can be a choking hazard! Bones and scraps should be thrown away and immediately taken outside to the trash, so your dog doesn’t decide to get in your garbage.
Alcoholic beverages could be toxic to your pets. Be aware when you set your drink down. Sit it in an area that cannot be accessed by your pet.
By taking some simple extra precautions, you will be able to relax and enjoy your holiday dinner with your human and fur family!
Meet Our Latest Pet Of The Week... Avie!
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Meet Our Latest Pet Of The Week... Avie!

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