Davenport, IA — The Quad City Hash House Harriers – Dirty Pirate Chapter (or QCH3), a local group that is part of the loosely affiliated international organization, the Hash House Harriers, and a self-described “Drinking Club with a Running Problem,” held their 9th Annual Red Dress Run on Saturday, February 16, in which all participants – male and female – wore red dresses to have fun and draw attention to this charity event. This year’s run raised a record $17,500 for Friendly House of Davenport, a local non-profit that offers a variety of services to respond to the needs of children, families and seniors through quality, affordable services that will enrich lives and strengthen our neighborhoods and the community. Approximately 250 people participated.QC Hashers’ 9th Annual Red Dress Run Raises $17,500


2018’s QCH3 Red Dress Run raised more than $13,000 for Ribbons for Kellsey, with 250 participants from ten different states and more than a dozen different hash groups.


Major sponsors for the 2019 Red Dress Run include: Stardust, Bier Stube, Hy-Vee Avenue of the Cities, Elliot Aviation, Analog, Rhythm City Casino, Mississippi Distillery, Element Hotel, Rascals, Pappa Wines, Jaycees, Trinity Logistics, Fleet Feet, QC Family Entertainment, Arena, TPC, QC Marathon, Frame it Up Photo Booth, Cool Beanz, Mary’s, and Philip Heald. QCH3 held a number of fundraisers in advance of the run, including a Christmas-themed pub run, a pancake breakfast, and a red dress fashion show.

QC Hashers’ 9th Annual Red Dress Run Raises $17,500 QC Hashers’ 9th Annual Red Dress Run Raises $17,500








“The Red Dress Run is not so much a run as a gathering of people with good senses of humor, adventurous spirits and charitable hearts … and red dresses.”

  • Quad City Hash House Harriers – Dirty Pirate Chapter founder Nathan Tackett (Raw Deal)

 QC Hashers’ 9th Annual Red Dress Run Raises $17,500 QC Hashers’ 9th Annual Red Dress Run Raises $17,500







About Hashing: Hashing was started in 1937 by British expat – A.S.I. Gispert (or simply “G” as he was known to his friends), living in Malaysia, and is based on an old English game called Hares and Hounds.

The group was named after the place many of the Kuala Lumpur-based Brits lived and ate – the “Hash House,” with the addition of the typical Hounds and Hares team moniker “Harriers.” Thus was born the first Hash House Harriers. After WWII, the practice started to spread worldwide, and then really caught on and began growing exponentially in the early ’70s. There are currently about 2,000 active chapters (or kennels) worldwide, including about 400 in the U.S.

QC Hashers’ 9th Annual Red Dress Run Raises $17,500

The philosophy of the original Hash House Harriers from the 1938 charter:


  • To promote physical fitness among our members
  • To get rid of weekend hangovers
  • To acquire a good thirst and to satisfy it in beer


  • To persuade the older members that they are not as old as they feel


To learn more about hashing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hash_House_Harriers http://harrier.net/presskit/shistory.html http://thehashhouse.org/index.html


About the Quad City Hash House Harriers – Dirty Pirate Chapter: Nathan Tackett, or Raw Deal, as he’s known to the hash, founded the Quad Cities Hash House Harriers after hashing Iwakuni, Japan, in the Iwakuni Black Sheep Kennel. Raw Deal and his friend Chad Passman (hash name Beefy) planned the Quad City chapter over beers at a bar (naturally). QCH3’s first hash was January 1, 2010 in -17 degree temps.  10 runners came to the inaugural run. QCH3 has grown to more than 300 named members and has run more than 500 trails.


QC Hashers’ 9th Annual Red Dress Run Raises $17,500

On the Web: http://qch3.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/quadcitiesh3

Red Dress Run PR Coordinator: Betsy Green, 703-909-5088


About the Red Dress Run: The San Diego Hash House Harriers started the Red Dress Run in 1988, beginning a tradition of hashers giving back to their communities, and men and women alike, running in red dresses for fun – and a good cause. The tradition of the Hash House Harriers Red Dress Run quickly spread to every corner of the globe, including Beijing, Montreal, Ho Chi Minh City, Helsinki, Moscow, Tokyo, Washington, DC, Hobart (Australia) and countless other locations. Over the years, the Red Dress Run has been very successful in raising millions of dollars for a wide variety of local charities.



Quad City Red Dress Run info: http://www.qcreddressrun.com/

Quad City Red Dress Run on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/QCRedDressRun Quad City Red Dress Run Registration: https://secure.getmeregistered.com/get_information.php?event_id=130885


Friendly House of Davenport: http://www.friendlyhouseiowa.org/


Stardust : https://www.facebook.com/stardustdavenport/


QC Hashers’ 9th Annual Red Dress Run Raises $17,500
Tess Abney was born and raised in the Quad Cities. Her passion for writing and entertainment was apparent at a very young age. Whether it is sharing local events and businesses with readers or sharing her thoughts on life, she finds comfort in the way words can bring people together.
QC Hashers’ 9th Annual Red Dress Run Raises $17,500

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